Home Improvement Checklist for Spring 2018

What comes after winter? Let me give you a hint; it is a time where people will ditch their heating systems to make way for the naturally cool breeze. Okay, I think most of you answered Spring, which is definitely correct.

Spring is where you bid the cool winter months goodbye and you make way for a season that brings good weather.

Now, of course, if you prepared your home for Winter, you must also prepare it for spring as well. If you are unsure what to do, then do not worry. I am going to provide a home improvement checklist for spring 2018.


  • Yard- There still might be some snow left, in which case, you need to have it removed by a blower or manually shovel it away from your house. If there are any dead leaves and solid matter that needs to be removed, then you can take them off of your yard as well.

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  • Furniture- If you’re like most people who store their outdoor furniture to protect it from the winter weather, now is the time to get them back out. For the most part, you would want to clean it as it has most likely accumulated dust. A little “spring” cleaning should do the trick.
  • Gutters- Now will be a good time to inspect the gutters. It should be free from any obstruction such as leaves and some snow. Always be careful when cleaning them as there are, at least, 25% of Americans suffer from injuries due to ladder-related incidents. If you can, hire some professional cleaners to have it cleaned instead.

Exterior Inspection

  • Roof- Now, you do not to climb up a ladder and closely inspect your roof. To be safe, you can just acquire a pair of binoculars and then look at your roof from afar. Are there any damages that it might have incurred during the winter months? If so, you will have to have it fixed pronto.

  • Walls- When the snow melts, it turns into water that might stain your walls. Inspect your outer walls and see if there are any spots that were formed during the last season.
  • Windows- Most people will likely slide down their windows in order for them to get clean air from the outside. Ensure that the caulking is still in place and make sure that it is tight enough to prevent water from dripping to the inside. Caulking can be expensive (depending on your location) so a cash advance will make things easier for you financially, should you opt to have the caulking improved.


  • General Cleaning- Now is the perfect time to clean the inside of your house. Use a broom, feather duster, and other similar things to dust off any dirt that your house has accumulated over the cold months.

  • Air-Conditioning Systems- During the upcoming season, you might experience a nice sunny weather. Of course, not a lot of people are fans of sunny days because of the heat. Make sure to inspect your air-conditioning system if it is working properly. If for some reason it failed to perform optimally, have it fixed by a certified technician.
  • Pipes and Plumbing- The cold weather that the previous season brought might have damaged your pipes or plumbing. See to it that all of your pipes are devoid of any leaks and damages. Furthermore, check your toilet to see if there are any leaks and that it doesn’t have any damaged parts.


The Spring season brings with it amazing weather. You can now safely roll down your windows and enjoy the fresh air. But of course, as with all of the other seasons, you have to make sure that there are no damages to your house. Always make sure to inspect your home after every major season.

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