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New year, new resolutions and new home décor trends for everyone who wants to bring a fresh atmosphere into their houses.

2016 has been beautifully marked by metallic accents, rose quartz and blue nuances as well as a large combination between traditional and modern elements. Although interior designers have already designated the trends for the new year, we will find that there are few elements from 2016 that will continue be a success in 2017 as well.


The predominant colors of the interior design of 2017 are shades of purple, blue tones and vibrant colors such as orange, yellow, pink and red. They are strongly influenced by symbolist current, present in various forms of art from the nineteenth century. Additionally, tones of green, from pale to dark shades inspired by nature are combined with various earthy colours.

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Those who still love pink and gray, 2017 will be a delight for them as the association between these two will still be a trend this year. For example, a metallic rose combined with different shades of gray will undoubtedly make your interior look stylish and modern.

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As you can notice, the blue and pink nuances as well the green combinations have been a successful trend in the past few years and they will continue being designers’ favorites in 2017 as well in matters of colours. However, perhaps the most audacious proposal is the combination between shades of purple, orange and gold. Such combination will create a luxurious ambience defined by intensity of the colors and the contrasting textures, for those who prefer a pretentious style.

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Geometric shapes

If you want to revolutionize your home décor, then create an original design using geometry. The visual impact will be very strong and delightful. For a unique decorative effect, purchase furniture in geometric shape (tables, mirrors, shelves, etc.)

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If you do not feel comfortable changing your furniture or you have a limited budget, we suggest that you add a futuristic drop to your décor by using decorative elements that represent geometrical shapes such as pillows, bed sheets, covers for the sofa and chairs or a rug. You can find plenty of online retailers who will offer great end-of-the-year offers on such stuff. Instead of searching it site-by-site you can just drop onto OZCodes as they have latest working discount coupons preassembled for you.

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2017 defines the style and features of the furniture, lighting and design objects. Thus there were established some “rules” on materials to be used or not.So here are few suggestions:


Warm materials such as terracotta bricks will replace the white and cold flooring, turning your interior décor into a relaxing Mediterranean retreat. Terracotta floor tiles are an optimal choice for your kitchen, bathroom or bedrooms if you are looking for a rustic or classic style. Depending on the available budget, you may want to invest a little bit more and buy good quality if you want it to be durable and a worthy investment.

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Experts have unanimously decided that both copper and rose gold will certainly be in vogue in 2017. The material is beautiful and will always be in fashion in one way or another. Its warm hues are completely different from other metals. Another important feature of this metal its chromatic versatility. The brilliance of this material make it ideal for modern decor with carefully chosen decorative elements.

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While some voices say that marble may be less famous in 2017, other opinions suggest that the marble trend may go even stronger this year. Marble is an ecological, natural material, perfect for any room in the home setting, even when it comes to bathroom or kitchen. Wherever you decide to include it, the marble will transform the living space into a spectacular stylish room. The key is not to overdo it. Combine the marble with modern decorative items in order to create a pleasant view.

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How about a redevelopment project that includes as main material cork? It’s amazing how many things you can do using this material. You could use caps to create decorative elements. You could place a large glass bowl filled with cork in the kitchen or living room or you can simply decorate your walls with cork for a cosy, warm design.

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Relax! A good project will always revolve around this idea – to create the perfect environment for you to feel good, relaxed and protected. For this reason, it is very important to integrate plants in your home décor. A plant in an apartment, as well as in an office, can bring happiness through the infusion of its colour that can make your space look refreshing and natural.

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Even if the 2017 trends in home décor might sound challenging, do not hesitate to apply your creativity and perhaps combine it with the professional suggestions in order to add a personal and refresh touch to your home.

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