Home Decor on a Budget

After watching decorating shows on channels like HGTV, it’s easy to assume that you need a really large budget in order to create a stunning home. Truthfully, if you have some time and creative inspiration, you can decorate on almost any budget. Consider the following ways you can get started.

1. Try a minimalistic approach.

The minimalist look is a style on its own. In fact, some of the most serene homes are simple with very few frills. Focus on the essentials with a few simple accessories. When you have a coffee table with one floral arrangement on it, that can make a statement on its own.

2. Customize your furniture.

If you purchase a basic dresser from a discount furniture retailer, you can customize it by throwing on a coat of paint. To make it interesting, use a coat of paint in a matte or chalkboard finish, or to take it to the next level, add your own drawer pulls. You can order unique ones online or find them in a local thrift store. As you customize furniture, it’s important to put safety first. If you’re using heavy-duty power tools into the construction process, you can really cause damage to your home, or worse, yourself. When accidents happen and you find yourself facing an unexpected trip to the hospital, you could consider line of credit loans online to to help cover the sudden emergency expense if you don’t have the savings on hand.

3. Visit local thrift stores.

Thrift stores are incredible because there are so many interesting pieces you can find that are unique and fun. Many thrift stores carry wooden furniture for really cheap prices. You can easily sand furniture down to make it look like new again. When you visit a thrift store, check out the art section. It’s not uncommon to find complementary pieces of artwork for prices that are insanely inexpensive. Mirrors are excellent for making a room look larger. Look out for large mirrors with ornate frames. Check out the aisles where the curtains are. Look for rich fabrics or sheer curtains to experience texture and depth in your window treatments. Candleholders, chandeliers and faux flower arrangements are great accessories to find in a thrift store.

4. Make your own decorations.

You have the power to create your own artwork and decor. You can even change certain pieces of your decor on a seasonal basis. During the holiday season, create beautiful wreaths to place on all the doors. Make the wreaths out of ribbons, tulle and ornaments. During the warmer months, make a wreath out of faux greenery. If you’re not in love with the artwork you see, create your own. Purchase two to three large canvases. Paint each canvas a different color. Make sure the colors are complementary. Then, once the paint dries, hang the large canvases next to each other. They can serve as an amazing focal point in a hallway, living room area or a bedroom.

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5. Incorporate lots of natural elements.

Natural light is one of the most beautiful ways to flood a space with natural beauty. You can easily dress up your windows with stunningly creative window treatments that allow the sun to shine through. Purchase inexpensive, generic blinds to provide privacy. Then, add long, sheer curtains that you can pull back when it’s bright outside. Another great natural element is a plant. Whether you purchase a $5 bouquet of flowers with your groceries each week or purchase a large potted plant, natural elements will make a home feel cozier.

6. Build over a period of time.

One of the worst things you can do is rush to decorate your home. It’s a process that takes time. As you add another item, you might realize that another one works better in another room. While it’s fine to get some of the essential items, give the process some time to develop. There are plenty of people who give themselves a full year to get adjusted into a space to figure out what they want it to look like.

7. Mix prints and textures.

Prints and textures will really add dimension to any room. A few ways you can add prints to a room is through the prints on interesting throw pillows. A large area rug is an excellent way to add a strong print. You can find stunning, inexpensive area rugs by researching websites online.

Even if your budget isn’t a large one, you can still create a large impact in your home. As you implement these tips, execute in a way that’s authentic to you and your family. That will make the overall appeal and vibe of your home unique and visually stunning.

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