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Highlighting Your Hardwood Flooring Throughout Your Home

Hardwood floors have a beauty and an allure that is seldom equaled by other types of flooring. Complementing virtually any type of décor, hardwood flooring ranges from light, contemporary shades to warm, deep tones. There is a lot of variation between the different types of wood, allowing you to make your flooring as singular and unique as your home’s interior design.

Flooring for Any Decor

Many people think that wood floors are only appropriate in rustic, country decor, but that’s not true at all. Dark hardwoods, such as walnut, can create a dramatic background for modern glass and chrome furniture. On the other hand, lighter woods such as maple, paired with bright colors brings contemporary furnishings to life. The fact is, hardwood can bring together the best aspects of modern and classic design.

Photo by Nate Fischer Interiors

Versatility of Design

Wood flooring planks come in many different widths and lengths, grains, and finishes. This gives you a lot of latitudes when it comes to designing your floor. Fabulous mosaics can be created by laying out a design in different shades of wood. Wide planks with a distressed finish create a relaxed, rustic feel, while narrow planks with a more traditional finish complement a more formal room. Creating unique and unusual wood floor designs takes planning, but it’s worth it. A quality hardwood floor adds a lot of beauty and value to your home.

Photo by Anat Shmariahu

High Durability

The natural beauty of hardwood flooring is only rivaled by its durability. The tight grain makes hardwood surprisingly resistant to damage and the right finish makes it resistant to moisture. The fact is, hardwood floors can maintain their beauty and last for decades. Hardwood gives your floors true beauty that lasts. Also, unlike carpeting or vinyl floors that need to be replaced once damaged, hardwood can be refinished to extend its lifespan even further.

Photo by Cumming’s Carpet One

Environmentally Friendly

Recycled or reclaimed hardwood flooring is a good way to help support the environment, these wood floors are salvaged from old buildings that are being torn down. Reclaimed wood is not only full of character, but it’s also often cheaper than new flooring.

Photo by Lisa Gielincki Interior Design

Another eco-friendly option is sustainably grown hardwoods. These have less impact on the environment compared to vinyl or even ceramic flooring. Sustainable hardwoods come from forests that are carefully managed to sustain plant and tree diversity. Furthermore, growers must document a chain-of-custody paper trail proving that their wood was legally cut from a certified sustainable forest. Among the most common sustainably grown hardwoods are white ash, black cherry, mahogany, maple, and oak.

Hardwood flooring is a beautiful addition to any home. It’s extremely versatile to match a wide range of home decor, so it’s always in high demand. Having hardwood floors can also add value to your home. Show off your hardwood flooring by highlighting it throughout your home.

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