Here’s what Disney Princess homes could look like in real life

Have you ever wondered how your favourite Disney princesses would live in the real world? have imagined the homes and interior stylings of some of our favourite princesses, to reveal how the bedrooms of Elsa, Ariel, Jasmine, Aurora and Snow White would look without the magic.

You can view all of the princesses homes here:

Ariel, The Little Mermaid – An underwater paradise with a fun and colourful vibe

Life is better under the sea! Of course, Ariel’s bedroom would need to be underwater so she can feel at home when she sleeps and what better way to fall asleep than in her very own little clamshell where she’s the pearl at the centre? Furnished with a scalloped armchair to relax in while she watches her Sebastian and Flounder swim by, this is the perfect pad for our favourite aquatic princess.

Lucy Coleman, Interior Designer at Lucy Coleman Design comments:

“This incredibly bespoke design requires the largest budget out of all the designs. The bold design certainly has its own personality and wouldn’t be the easiest to recreate. Furnishings would cost at least £15,000 and would skyrocket into the hundreds of thousands if this was to be underwater.”

Property expert and A Place In The Sun presenter, Laura Hamilton comments:

“The Disney inspired little mermaid room is a clever design to make every aquatic princess feel like they are in their own little bubble under the sea. The graphic on the ceiling and walls can be recreated using an underwater theme wallpaper and eBay actually provides some well priced options. The bed and chair would need to be bespoke made and going to a prop designer would be a good place to start. They would be quite costly and I’m guessing between £3,500 and £5,000 each.”

Elsa, Frozen – Cool and tranquil with awe-inspiring mountain views

This icy abode is perfect for the ice queen Elsa. Her minimalist style and decor provide a tranquil retreat where she can escape from the pressures of her royal duties, whilst enjoying the mountain views of her kingdom. With icy floors and cool white furnishings, the decor suits Elsa down to a tee.

Lucy Coleman, Interior Designer at Lucy Coleman Design comments:

“This minimalist modern style would make for a very chic apartment in the mountains. But it wouldn’t just be the views you’re paying for. The predominantly glass design wouldn’t leave much change from £12,000.”

Jacqueline Hamilton, Interior Designer at Seaforde Interiors comments:

“Sheepskin Rugs, whether you want to go fake or real, can add warmth and still keep that icy charm to a room. I would definitely avoid golds for this scheme and use cooler silvers, mirrors and led lights to create the look.”

Jasmine,  Aladdin – A plush and luxurious boudoir fit for a princess

Jasmine’s luxurious bedroom is filled with all the finest furnishings, with rich colours and heaps of soft fabrics such as silk, her room is truly regal. Featuring breathtaking views out over Agrabah, Jasmine can keep a watchful eye on her kingdom from her lavish boudoir. As she settles down for the night, her feline friend, Rajah, can curl up in his own cosy and stylish bed on top of a magical-looking carpet.

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Lucy Coleman, Interior Designer at Lucy Coleman Design comments:

“This room instantly transports you to an exotic land with the warm tones and golden embroidery. It is these rich fabrics that really increase the design’s cost; with its hand-woven rug costing no less than £1,000. There are cheaper substitutes, but to truly experience this Moorish interior style, a budget of £5,000 is recommended.”

Property expert and A Place In The Sun presenter, Laura Hamilton comments:

“Polish plaster on the walls also known as Tadelakt (and something that can be used in a wet room) would create the desired look. There are a number of companies across the UK that do it and it’s worth getting three quotes for a price comparison.

“A wallpaper mural is a great way of creating the view out of the window and faux plants are definitely the best option in a child’s bedroom.

“I think it would be possible to create an Aladdin inspired bedroom for between £1,500 – £2,000 if you are going to go ahead with the Tadelakt walls. If not then you can definitely achieve it on a smaller budget.”

Aurora, Sleeping Beauty – Pink and girly with plenty of sleepy soft furnishings

Sleeping Beauty needs somewhere to lay her head in style, and this blush bedroom is the perfect place, with a four-poster bed to provide the ultimate night’s sleep. Her room features everything a Disney princess needs, from the pink ball gown to the poster of her prince charming above the bed.

Lucy Coleman, Interior Designer at Lucy Coleman Design comments:

“This design is every girl’s dream when they envisage the ideal Disney Princess room. This layout would set you back the least out of all the Disney designs, as most of the details are provided by the furnishings. Decor such as this would cost a couple of thousand pounds to create a full room transformation, with most of that budget dedicated to the impressive 4 poster bed.”

Snow White, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – A rustic woodland cabin with plenty of space for friends

Snow White’s home is truly cosy, with this woodland cabin being the perfect place for this princess and her seven friends to call home. With seven small beds and a cosy double, there’s plenty of room for Snow, Dopey, Grumpy and all the other dwarfs. Combining a natural rustic feel with just a touch of palace luxury, Snow White has the perfect hideaway for her and her friends.

Lucy Coleman, Interior Designer at Lucy Coleman Design comments:

“The transitional design creates a contemporary feel mixing traditional and modern styles, helped with the pop of primary colours. To fit out this spacious room with furnishings, fireplace and raised flooring to the bed would cost around £10,000.”

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