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Have a Small Garden? Here’s 4 Ways to Use the Space

As the amount of available real estate dwindles, new homes are being sold with smaller lots and less outdoor space. This can be disappointing to homeowners who envisioned hosting cookouts, playing Frisbee with Fido or building a treehouse for the kids. However, a small garden doesn’t have to be a sad one. If you have a great house with a tiny garden, here are four ways to make the most of your minimal outdoor space.

Grow Plants in Containers

Container gardening is a great trend that allows you to grow flowers, fruits and vegetables in small spaces. You can also move your plants indoors when the weather is too windy or cold. Plants in containers can even make your tiny garden look bigger by maximizing vertical space. Use a variety of containers, including hanging baskets and planting columns, and grow plants with different shapes and colors to increase visual interest.

Photo by The Association of Professional Landscapers

Create an Outdoor Living Room

A small garden is the perfect cozy space for an outdoor living area where you can host candlelit dinner parties or movie nights under the stars. Start with an outdoor rug and comfortable patio furniture, then add luxuries like a ceiling fan, gas grill or movie projector. Use retractable awnings to protect everything from the elements.

Photo by Studio H Landscape Architecture

Make Use of Vertical Space

Taking advantage of vertical space is a great way to make the most of a small footprint. Add some tall, thin accessories like streetlamps or topiaries and opt for a tall fence, which not only adds height to your space but also provides added privacy. Hanging accessories like lanterns, planters and birdfeeders can also add height to your space. If you have trees or hedges, keep them pruned into thin, narrow shapes.

Photo by Harriet Forde Design Ltd

Scale Down

Keeping garden accessories to scale is important when you’re working with a small space. Go smaller and thinner when it comes to things like patio tables, benches and birdbaths. Don’t have room for that fire pit you wanted? Go for a tabletop fire bowl instead. If you want to set up play space for your kids but can’t fit a swing set and treehouse, try a tree swing or use foldable tents instead.

Photo by G Brown Design

Although these tips can help make the most of a small garden, sometimes having minimal outdoor space just doesn’t work. If you have a big family or lots of pets, you may need to consider looking for a new place that offers the amount of room you need.

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