Have a Green Lawn Year Long: Making the Switch to Artificial Turf

You can easily have a no-care green lawn all year long once you decide to switch your lawn from grass to artificial turf. Artificial grass is not only attractive, but it’s also drought-proof, saving you money on your water bill.

It Is Easy to Maintain

Obviously, artificial grass does not need water, fertilizer, or pesticides to thrive. It also does not need to be mowed or trimmed to keep up its good looks. You can just set it and forget it.

When the leaves change colors and fall in the autumn, you can just sweep them up with a broom. And when spring rolls around, you can spend all of your gardening energy making your flowers bloom. During the summer, you can simply enjoy spending time with your family and hosting barbecues in your yard, rather than mowing.

It Can Be Eco-Friendly

Because artificial turf requires no watering or gas- or electric-powered mowers, it’s eco-friendly. Perhaps more importantly, since artificial grass doesn’t need potentially toxic fertilizers and pesticides, it’s safer for both the environment and your family. These chemicals can contaminate the groundwater, creating a negative environmental impact much bigger than just your yard. You also won’t have to worry about your children or pets coming into contact with poisonous lawn chemicals.

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Finally, you can actually get recycled artificial grass that has been re-purposed for home use. That keeps used artificial turf from sports fields out of our landfills.

Installing Artificial Grass

The area where the artificial turf is to be installed first needs to be leveled. Then a layer of gravel or rubber pellets is laid down over the area where the synthetic grass will be installed. The installation crew will then create channels for water to drain off through the backing of the artificial grass.

Synthetic turf comes in large squares or rolls, making it easy to place over the prepared area. Once the area has been completely covered the edges are trimmed and secured for a neat, manicured look. After it’s been in place for a day or two, the yard will be rolled to further compress the dirt underneath.

The process of installing a lawn of artificial turf should take less than a week. After that, you will have many carefree years to enjoy your yard without the yard work. You’ll also rest assured that your children, pets, and the environment are safe from toxic chemicals.

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