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Hat styling guide: Your Ultimate Guide for Donning a Headwear

Headwear is a considerable part of a woman’s attire. These days not only women but men take an interest in hats. They are commonly worn all across the globe. If you want to upgrade your look and create an impression, you cannot avoid hats. Different categories of hats are available in the market. However, follow some dos and don’ts to create a stylish look. Keep in mind that when you wear hats the correct way, you will establish a genuine impression.

You have to consider your figure and head shape before purchasing headwear. You must select those hats which can complement your attire. The contour of your face structure also plays a deterministic role over here. If you have an oval face, go for those hats which can get tilted aside. You can select floppy hats that are available in wide brims. In case you are short, fedora hats are the best option for you. They will not only create a style but also provide you with a considerable height.

How to style a hat with ease?

These days hats are a typical piece of accessory used all across. However, this was not always the case. There were times when headwear was widespread among men. However, with time, the expectation and rules have changed. You may wear hats with bold dresses, casual attires, and the like. It all hinges on your personality and the event that you are attending. If you want to create an impression and grab the attention of others, wearing the correct hat is required. However, you cannot go wrong with your choice. On the other hand, you must know the best way of wearing a hat.

Types of headwear that you must explore

When you have a comprehensive understanding of the different options at your disposal, you can choose a high-quality alternative. However, these variations may sometimes confuse you. Hence, you must have a reasonable understanding so that it guides you in the process.

Straw fedora hats:

For creating that vintage look with a soft feminine touch, you must choose a straw fedora hat. These are the best options for both men as well as women. If you want to create a tomboyish look or androgenesis appeal, this is it. There is nothing better than fedora hats. These hats will also provide you with the feminine touch with their curled brims and priest crown. They were once a considerable part of men’s wear. However, they have started making their place in the women’s wardrobe. It helps in creating a casual look in the milder climate. You can use fedora hats and pull them down on one side to cover your brow line. It creates a mysterious look and makes you look out of the box.

Panama hats:

Another option which you can look at is a Panama hat. They come in natural fiber and have a higher crown. It will provide you with a fantastic look in the warm climate. While using Panama hats, you may create a classic look by amalgamating it with the other elements of your attire. These are lightweight hats and are durable.


A very significant women’s hat style or trilby hats. They are very similar to fedora hats. It comes with a shorter brim and is available in neutral shades. You can wear it for your beach parties and other casual events. Trilby hats provide you with a casual look and a funky touch. These hats will furnish you with a feminine element that you can wear with your casual dresses.


It is a soft, round, and brimless hat available in different colors and designs. Various military uniforms have had berets as an essential part. However, it provides a casual look and is light weighted. When you pull the beret on one side, it creates an alarming look. Just pull it down at the back of your head so that you can experiment with the overall appeal.


It is typical headwear which is available in Bell-shape. It is sturdy, stiffer, and floppy. It is available in slight brims and neutral shades. Different fibers get used for making clothes. Depending on the construction and makeup, you can choose the hat which suits your attire. You can use it for casual as well as formal events. The floppy brim of these hats is best for evening parties. These are close-fitted hats that can get styled in different ways.

You may take the help of for your expert advice and guidance. If you have a large head, go for wide-brimmed hats.

Apart from this, you can also look at a watch cap or a beanie which is a recent trend. These are stylish options for women in the younger generation. You can experiment with your look and create that casual appeal.

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