Let Hardwood Flooring Beautify Your Home

Hardwood flooring is made of wood-based floor that has been subjected to processing such as surface processing. This flooring has a constituent layer with a grinding board as a base material (including those adhered with a laminated material for the purpose of moisture-proof. This type of flooring is further classified as a flooring board (for joining or straightening), flooring block (for straightness), and mosaic parquet (again for straightness). Common flooring in residential areas is a flooring board, which mainly refers to solid wood flooring. It is common to use a so-called “solid wood” which is obtained only by cutting the raw wood.

Aspects of Hardwood Floors:

Hardwood flooring refers to flooring that involves rooting and straightening. Wood having a thickness of about 0.3 to 2 mm is stretched on the surface of one or more base materials. Construction with the spread of processed materials has increased in recent times, and it is becoming the preferred choice for many houses. The substrate plywood is often made of laminated wood, laminated veneer lumber, medium density fiberboard and other fiberboard various materials. Furthermore, in order to increase the sound insulation performance of the downstairs, “sound insulation flooring” is established with the help of a cushioning material such as rubber, urethane, etc. underneath the base material. Because the substrate contains slits, it is characterized by the floor sinking when you ride on it. Regarding cosmetic processing, there is a case where a protruding plate of solid wood is laminated, but in order to maintain durability as a floor material, special processing cosmetic materials including WPC (wood mixed with plastic) are often used.  According to the standard of hardwood flooring, those with a thickness of 21 mm or less for the joints are supposed to give “side tongue processing” to the side. When spreading on the surface of floor heating, surface coating and moisture content are different from ordinary ones. Some products incorporate an electric floor heating structure.

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Classification on Product Unit Shape:

  • Fixed wood flooring: Unified flooring with specified length. It occupies most of composite flooring. Length and width vary according to manufacturers and products.
  • Rough scale flooring: A piece of flooring with various lengths. Width varies according to manufacturers and products.
  • Solid flooring: It is flooring using so-called “solid wood” which does not use plywood, but are made by only cutting the raw wood. It is popular with nature-oriented, high-class clients.

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Tree Species:

Hardwood flooring varies with the tree species used to make them. Broad-leaved trees like oak, teak, etc. are popular variants. Compared with coniferous wounds, scratching is difficult, but wide and one sheet (OPC) are rare and expensive. The darker the color, the costlier it is. The tree types that take time to grow are more costly. Wood options like cypress, cedar, pine, larch, etc. are soft and feel good under one’s feet. But it is easy to get scratched. It is inexpensive compared to hardwoods. There are also flooring made of bamboo laminated wood and of paulownia which is hardwood but soft.

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Advantages of Using Hardwood Flooring:

  • Improves the beauty of your home: Hardwood floors are elegant and classy; they can beautify your house effectively.
  • Easy maintenance: It is very easy to clean and maintain these floors. They are also stain free.
  • Durability: If well maintained, hardwood floors can last for a very long time.
  • Air quality: As these floors do not trap dust or dirt, the quality of air is great.
  • Great color: The color and texture of this type of flooring do not fade away with time and need not be replaced decades together.

Photo by Cumming’s Carpet One

If you are about to refurbish your home to give it a brand new look, you should surely go in for the  hardwood floors which are hard not to catch anybody’s attention.

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