Guide to getting an extension for your home

Many people dream of adding an extension to their home – and for good reason. An extension can give you much more space while adding value to your home. Read on for a guide to getting an extension for your home.

What are extensions and why would you get one?

An extension is where you build an additional section onto your home to extend the available living space. This can be designed to add new rooms to your house, or an extension could simply enlarge one of your rooms. The main benefit of an extension is that you’ll be able to add plenty of space to your house. This can allow you to enjoy the benefits of a tidier home, or you could even add a home gym, office or games room with an extension. What’s more, an extension can add value to your home. Indeed, research suggests that the average profit returned from an extension sits at £14,000. As a result, you can enjoy the benefits of a larger house while making a profit in the long term.

What room should you extend?

One of your first considerations should be which room to extend. Often, many people opt to extend their house upwards by extending their loft. This can add value to your house if you turn it into an additional bedroom. Alternatively, if you have external space, you can extend rooms in your house to make them larger.

Decorating and furnishing your extension

You should also consider how you’ll decorate and furnish your extension. An extension works best when it feels like a coherent part of your home. You can achieve this by adding as much natural light as possible. Roof lanterns can add plenty of natural light to your extension, to help it feel bright and open.

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Planning permissions

For an extension, you’ll most likely need planning permission from your local authority. This is to safeguard against you harming your neighbours’ properties: by obstructing their view or blocking sunlight into their garden, you could be lowering the value of their homes.

Choosing the right contractors

The quality of your extension will depend heavily on the contractors you use. You can find the best contractors by considering reviews from your friends and by researching carefully online. Always try and get three different quotes from different contractors to give you plenty of choice before making your final decision.

Getting an extension on your home can be an exciting project. And by following the advice above, you should be all set for a bright and open addition to your home, providing you with extra room while adding value to your property.

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