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Guide to Buy Cafe Tables

Cafes are small restaurants that serve snacks along with coffee and other beverages.  In the modern world, people like to visit these small cafes instead of visiting the same culinary eateries. “Cafe” is is a French word which means “Coffee”.  It is also known as a coffee-house.  Even some popular cafe also has the bar facility and you can find lot of beverages and snacks in these cafeterias. It is very important to decorate the cafe with some unique features and you must include some comfortable furniture in your cafe. The most important part is cafe table, chairs and lightings. You can choose wooden cafe tables and chairs with traditional lighting options, or you can also install some metal designer tables and chairs with LED lights in your cafe.

How would you choose the cafe tables?

From the early 90’s the concept of cafe has changed a lot. Modern decorating style has been adopted in many places. New kinds of furniture are used to match with the ambiance and style of the place. The cafe tables are the most important part of the furniture used in a cafe. So, choosing the correct cafe table becomes very crucial for the owner. Various cafe tables of different shapes, sizes, colors are available in the market.

Modern design

While purchasing a cafe table, the buyer should keep in mind the style of the cafe. It should match with the ambiance of the cafe. So before buying the table, keep in mind the design that you want and that will fit with the theme of your cafe.


The cafe table must be very versatile. It should go both indoor and outdoor. Laminated tops are advisable since they are more stylish and cost-efficient and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Apart from that, you must choose the rust and stain resistant cafe tables because you can easily clean them in a normal way.


The quality of the wood must be checked before buying a wooden table. While purchasing a stainless still or cast-iron tables the texture of the materials used and the durability must be checked. Glass is available in various sizes. Check the thickness of the glasses. 1 to 1.5 inches thickness of glasses is enough for the cafe tables.

Table Spacing

An owner will always want to have maximum seating space for its customers. A maximum number of customers will help to flourish the business more. It is advisable to buy cafe tables in such a way that there will be at least 10inches spacing between two tables. Calculate the area of the cafe before buying a table then check the area and sizes of tables before install. Even you can also customize these tables according to your needs and you can also install high-tea wall mounted cafe tables to save the space.


If you are buying a wooden table check that the table top has been finished properly with adequate lacquer to protect the table. If you are buying a laminated top table checks that it is a matt finished top. These kinds of table tops are more usable and stay well for a long period, unlike the glossy laminated tops that start wearing out with use. If the buyer is buying glass tops, make sure that the glass does not have any cracks. Different colored glass tops are available on the market. The glass must be polished properly. Bad finishing can harm anyone using the top physically.

Thus, before buying a cafe table remembers to get the correct idea. Right planning will help the owner to become successful. Cafe tables play an important role in making the business flourish.

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