Green Ways to Make Your Home More Self-Sufficient

Like it or not, human activity has had a large negative effect on the Earth in many ways. Things like pollution, ecosystem destruction, and global warming can all be linked back to human beings. If you want to do your part to help the environment, you should start at home. Making your home more self-sufficient is one way to live a much greener lifestyle.

Install Solar Panels

Solar panels may seem like a cliche when it comes to creating a greener home. However, harnessing the power of the sun has transcended trends because it’s something that works. Today, solar panels are more efficient at collecting energy than ever before. A single panel can now generate 250 to 400 watts of electricity. With the output these panels produce, you only need half the amount required even five years ago.

Install a Well

In certain places, such as the Southwest, water is not exactly plentiful. Droughts are common, and these can be harmful to the environment. As such, water is treated as a precious commodity. One way you can make your home greener is by not using a public water source at all. Instead, you can use water well pumps to funnel your own personal cache of water into your home from your own well. You’ll be able to use as much water as you need without being a drain on the local community.

Start a Garden

Gardening is an activity some people look at as a hobby while others see it as a burden. However, it can really help transform your home’s impact on the environment. If you can grow your own fruits and vegetables, you won’t need to buy as many groceries at the store. With the amount of gasoline it takes to transport those vegetables and other forms of energy that are spent to bring them to market and sell them to consumers, this can actually make a big difference for your home’s carbon footprint.

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Install More Windows

The design of your home can also contribute to its eco-friendliness. One way you can do this is to install more and larger windows. Make sure they are positioned to catch the rays of the sun during the day. This can be beneficial in regards to helping to heat the rooms of your home so you don’t have to spend as much money on heating. You will also have to spend less on lighting during the year as well. Installing solar-powered light fixtures in such rooms can allow you to keep benefiting from the sunlight during the nighttime hours as well.

These and other strategies can be implemented to transform your home into a self-sustaining eco-friendly palace. Making such simple changes will require an investment and some work. However, the feeling of accomplishment you will receive from your efforts, and the long-term benefits, will lead you to live a greener lifestyle will likely be worth the effort.

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