Green Tips on Summer Cleaning your Home

When the summer sun starts shining, everything is beautiful until you see the dust and dirt inside your home. This is when you start thinking: Is it time for a good green summer cleaning? With the development of all the products and chemicals for fast and easy cleaning, we say, this should be easy. But is it really?

Is it better to use every kind of chemical in your home, the place where you spend the most of your time? If we look deeper into this question, the answer is NO. The nature has given us enough resources that are not harmful but really useful for everything. Cleaning is not an exception. So here are some green tips on summer cleaning your home.

Windows cleaning

If you ever though that you can never clean a windows naturally without using chemicals, you lied to yourself. You can always mix distilled water, vinegar, rubbing alcohol and an essential oil of your choice and you are good to go. You should also use eco friendly dishcloths. Try this combination and you will have crystal clear windows, cleaned naturally without being harmful to the environment.

Carpet cleaning

If you want to clean your carpet, mix vinegar with baking soda. After the solution reacts and starts bubbling use it to clean your carpet. After you clean the carpet and the solution dries out, use vacuum cleaner for the final touch. You will have your carpet cleaned all naturally.

If by accident you pour red wine on the carpet, the easiest and first way to clean it, is to use white wine on it. Just pour it and let it set. After that clean it and you won’t have any stain left on it. Another approach is with club soda, a perfect eco-friendly way to clean stubborn stains.

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Cleaning wooden furniture and floors

For cleaning your wooden furniture or wooden floors, use distilled water with white vinegar. The vinegar will help clean the dirt. After that if you want to make your wood shine, just use extra virgin olive oil mixed with lemon juice. This mixture will make your furniture shine.

Toilet cleaning

If you like to clean your toilet with green solution, just mix white vinegar with baking soda. Put this mixture in your toilet and let it sit for some time. After that scrub it with the brush and you will get a shiny toilet bowl.

For cleaning white water stains of the shower heads and screens, just use white vinegar. The acidity will dissolve the stains over the night. In the morning wash with warm water, and the water stains will be gone.

To sum up

Cleaning is something we must do and should never ignore. The more often we clean the less is there to be cleaned. Using these green tips on summer cleaning you home will help you have cleaner, healthier environment to spend your hot days in.

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