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Great Pets When You Live in an Apartment or Small House

Pets provide companionship and can even help reduce stress levels. However, they do each have certain needs, so when you’re considering potential pets, you want to pick something appropriate for your living space. Here are some great pets when you live in an apartment or small house.


While there are certainly some larger lizards—green iguanas can grow to be over six feet long!—small lizards that live in tanks are great pets. They’re also some of the most independent pets you can get, making them a good choice for people who aren’t home all of the time. Most lizards enjoy a solitary habitat happily as long as they have plenty of space, food, and variety. If you do want a lizard that likes to be handled and interact with you, there are several of those as well. Bearded dragons and several types of geckos are popular pets for first-time lizard owners.


Gerbils don’t require a lot of space, and they can be quite playful and active. Get them a large cage or tank, and give them plenty of interactive toys for them to play with. When you’re home with them, you might want to get them a ball so that they can run around the house with you. Just keep in mind that they do make more mess than you may expect for their size, so you’ll have to clean their cage regularly. They also live best with other gerbil friends, so get two or three gerbils together.


Cats are great pets for small spaces. They don’t usually require much exercise, and they’re often happy in small spaces. You may want to get them a cat tree and similar climbing toys for when they have more energy, but quite often, they’re happy to hang out in one place for a while. Just keep in mind that their food and litter box make the small space smell, so you’ll have to clean often. If you have a balcony, make sure to secure it so your cat doesn’t escape.


Dogs can develop deep bonds with owners and are some of the smartest pets you can get. However, some dogs require a lot of space, so if you do get a dog, it’s important to not only consider the size of the dog but also the specific preferences and temperament of the breed.

Maltipoo puppies are a good choice for small spaces because they are smaller dogs who don’t shed much. While they will need to be walked regularly, they’re often happy to just sit for a while too. This means they’re unlikely to damage your home due to excess energy while you’re out. They do bark on occasion, which can bother neighbors, but if they’re trained well, you can minimize barking.

Other dog breeds known to thrive in an apartment or small house include bulldogs, pugs, terriers, and greyhounds.

Don’t think that you can’t have a pet in a small space. Just pick the right one for you and for your home.

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