Great Gifts for DIYers

DIYers are a breed apart, so buying a gift for one of these practical, creative creatures may seem challenging. The trick is to get inside your DIYer’s head. What do they need? What will fill them with glee? What’s their DIY obsession?

You’ll probably have ideas of your own by the time you finish reading this article, so these great gifts for DIYers are just a starting point. What do you give the DIYer who’s got everything? Let’s find out!

Work Gloves

A gift of work gloves may seem a little bland but there’s nothing bland about the love you feel for your DIYer. Work gloves protect the hands of your busy little bee. There are a million reasons that work gloves are smart. DIY work can present hazards like sharp edges, for one. Work gloves protect your hands and keep them clean, while enhancing your grip.

2022’s work gloves aren’t the cumbersome models of yesteryear. They’re flexible, giving DIYers the dexterity needed to manage projects in tight spaces. Hands are protected by internal padding, while your DIYer is unhindered by bulkiness.

Craftright Screw Removers

Removing a screw that’s had its threads stripped can be a royal pain. That’s where a Craftright screw remover can save you time and frustration. Small screws and screws installed in tight corners are much easier to remove with the help of one of these handy tools.

Your DIYer may even cry tears of relief when you present them with a set of these handy screw removers. They make doing things yourself a joy and not a frustrating nightmare. Widely acknowledged as the best on the market, these screw removers serve myriad purposes.

For the Artistic DIYer

DIY is about more than home renovations. It’s also about making things on the home front more beautiful. That’s where the artistic DIYer finds their niche: creating art to bring beauty to living spaces.

You can even join your DIYer in this project! Paint by numbers sets are a fun way to liven up your walls with art created “in-house.” Add a personal touch to your home decor with painting kits that are easy to follow, sophisticated, and beautiful. You may even discover your own creative DIY tendencies!

To Get Your DIYer Started

Everybody’s got to start somewhere, DIYers included. Purchase your beginner DIYer a gift that says “have a blast.” Like work gloves, giving safety glasses says you care. Add-ons like eye protection are often forgotten in the lust for tools, so giving protective gear also serves to remind your DIY enthusiast to be aware of hazards.

A gift card for a noted vendor of tools (like Home Depot) will also light up your novice DIYer. What’s better than money to spend on tools and accessories they love to play with? Angle clamps, a quality sawhorse, or even a framing square are all items your newbie DIYer will need and appreciate.

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Painter’s Tape

A gift of painter’s tape sends a message—especially if your partner is contemplating an interior painting project. You don’t want to see that paint all over the baseboards, door frames, and floor. In the euphoria of getting started, DIY enthusiasm can overtake preparation.

Painter’s tape isn’t all created equal, so choose the right one. Magically, you’ll find your anxiety about the painting project is dispelled and your DIYer finds pleasure in the sharp, clean edges that painting tape is known to create. Your baseboards, door frames, and floor will remain unmarred by accidents that needn’t happen.

For the Crafty DIYer

Crafts can describe anything from making the annual holiday wreath to macrame wall hangings. So, your crafty DIYer would appreciate a gift that speaks to their specific passion. From sewing machines to kits for making everything from doll houses to jewelry, there’s no shortage of inspiration for gifts for these DIYers.

Choose something beautiful but practical. You might even present your crafting fan with a coffee table book about their chosen craft, providing aspirational inspiration for future projects. And with macrame as hot as it is right now, a kit to get your crafter started might spark a whole new passion.

Power Tools

These two words are catnip for many DIY fanatics. I personally know a man with three power drills. He knows he already has one but so what? He needs more. Your DIYer will beam with anticipation at any power tool you choose to present them with.

From cordless drills to electric sanders, power tools are the siren song of DIY, buzzing busily through projects that beautify home and garden. Choose a power tool that’s vitally important but up-to-the-minute. DIYers like their old faithfuls, but there’s always room for late model swag—part of the reason that man I mentioned above has three power drills!

For the DIY Gardener

Who needs a professional gardener when there’s a green thumb in the family? Gardeners are passionate people with a vision of living beauty that complements their homes. The good news is that there are so many wonderful gifts for DIY gardeners, that you’ve got plenty to choose from.

What does your gardening DIYer lack? A tool shed? A garden gnome? Maybe they need a coffee mug with a sassy slogan about gardening or a big straw hat to keep the sun off while they’re digging around? Support your avid gardener by choosing something that acknowledges your appreciation for their plant-nurturing gift.

The world of DIY is bottomless and with so many people doing things around the house for themselves, it’s just getting bigger. These great gifts for DIYers include a variety of DIY specialties to include at least some of the sector’s diversity. I hope I’ve been able to provide some inspiration to support your DIYer gift quest!

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