Going to Europe On a Budget

Europe is one of the most magical places I visited so far, and it was worth every penny I saved up for it! But I know how expensive it can get, especially with all the pricey dishes and accommodations! Fortunately, there are fantastic ways on how you can travel to Europe without going broke. If you’re wondering how I’ll be showing you the three tips that will help you out!

Going to Europe On a Budget

Though these are only three tips, they are extensive and focus on the three biggest expenses! So here are my lessons learned based on experience and research:

Looking for Accommodation

You may want to check in luxury hotels, but just remember that you won’t be staying in there the whole time! For solo backpackers or small groups of friends, I would recommend that you try hostel or renting out homes from websites such as Airbnb. They are much affordable as hostels and still provide you everything you need in a temporary home. Hostels can save you even more than half of your accommodation expenses as compared to hotels! You can find private rooms or those for only two to three people, which are still very affordable.

Food Choices in Europe

If you want to eat on a budget, then you should learn to cook on your own. Hostels offer cooking facilities where you can do that. Find a grocery store or market that sells cheap eats, and whip up your meals once in a while.

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You can also eat like how locals do. Try street foods or restaurants away from touristy spots, which are known to be quite expensive. And hey, if you have enough space after packing your essentials, then you can even pack your food and save more money.

Budget Transportation

You don’t need to spend a ton on renting your car or always going around using a cab. Use public transportation and find your way around with the help of apps or websites that navigate your way around Europe. Riding the train is the best way you can see Europe without spending a lot, so purchase a rail pass. You can also check out tourist passes they give to travelers that offer public transportation and access to landmarks for free. And if your legs are up for it, try going cycling or walking!

In Conclusion

While Europe is known to be an expensive country to travel around in, that doesn’t mean that you can save up and roam around without going broke! I hope that these three tips helped you with how to plan and travel to this beautiful area. So don’t wait any longer and begin reading more about the amazing places and things to do in Europe for your future travels.

If you have any questions or would like to share your tips and experiences with how to travel to Europe on a budget, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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