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Going Against the Grain: 5 Surprising Reasons Why Watching TV Is Actually Good for You

Since the advent of television, people have been inundated with supposed research and studies that report that television is bad for you. Everyone has heard at one point or another that watching too much television is bad for your eyes or will rot your brain. The only TV watching issue that has been actually shown to be a problem is weight gain. However, this is not necessarily a TV watching issue, it is a lack of exercise issue. The truth is there are many good things about watching TV that can benefit people young and old.

Inspire Creativity

Whether viewing shows of people doing things we enjoy or watching creative content, such as cooking or decorating shows, television can inspire creativity in people. People love to watch the shows that show off others’ creativity. These shows help provide inspiration to find their own, unique methods of creating such items. Even shows that do not specifically promote creativity can focus on unique problems or issues that can inspire people to take action to create something to fix those problems or issues. There are many cable providers, such as Suddenlink, that can provide a plethora of viewing options to spark your creativity.

Promote Learning in Toddlers

The Washington Post discusses the viewing of television in toddlers and some research on the subject. Although television is not a replacement for parental interaction, many children’s TV programs can be beneficial to children’s learning. Familiar characters and repetition can help toddlers learn language skills and other learning building blocks. Interactive programming is also a very beneficial tool for children to learn and transfer that knowledge to the real world.

Balancing Self-Control

Although it may not seem that people are building their self-control by binge-watching their favorite programs, recent studies in psychology have shown an opposite result. Self-control comes from having a positive outlook and maintaining a good mood. Television shows providing a familiar world for viewers provide this positive outlook and good mood. Although not the best replacement for friends and family that provide the same benefits, television programs can be a good alternative for those that lack such support when they need it.

Promoting Sex and Sex Education

Those who have televisions in their bedrooms are reported to have sex far more often than those who do not. Many people have admitted to the benefits of being able to have sex while watching their favorite shows. Many television programs that focus on pregnancy and STDs have also caused many people to see the importance of safe sex by seeing themselves in the characters of the programming. This has raised awareness and helped many people, especially teens, take steps to practice safe sex.

Reducing Stress

One of the biggest benefits of television is its ability to help relieve stress. In today’s busy and hectic world, many people face issues with stress in their daily lives. Stress is also a cause of many health issues and risks as we get older. Television has been shown to provide a method for relieving stress at the end of the day. Recent research has shown that television watching can reduce cortisol levels. Cortisol is the hormone that the body releases when it feels stress.

This hormone is linked to high blood pressure, weight gain, and even depression. Reducing cortisol by watching a familiar television show can help reduce the risks of these issues.

Television has always had its faults. However, it is not the dangerous device it has been claimed to be since it first entered the homes of Americans. As with anything, it is important to balance time spent watching television with real-world interactions and exercise to maintain a healthy life.

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