Where To Go For A Weekend With 100$ Only?

After having a long week, getting a nice destination to cool your nerves, think business and maybe cut a deal, should be top of your priorities. However, financing an excellent business travel gateway is prohibitive especially when your budget can only allow you spend $100 for such a treat.  To help you choose the perfect destination that suits your budget and purpose, here is a guide that makes your work easy and ensures you enjoy your weekend.

First, consider factors such as affordability, entertainment offers, and accessibility determine which site suits your weekend for $100. A weekend business getaway should be less complicated and probably a short drive from your home, to ensure you have ample time to enjoy your weekend and inspire you to make better business strategies.


Are you a lover of historic sites, here is the perfect getaway opportunity for you. The place is marked by cobblestone walks, antebellum architecture, and century old mansions that help you rewind making you feel you have traveled back in time. For the lovers of real-estate and related businesses, here is a destination that inspire your designs, and you are likely to meet likeminded business personalities who inspire you or your create business connections. Besides, the South Carolina city though is rich in history and has modern resorts and hotels that have nice business packages. However, you are sure to have some great fun while meet likeminded business personalities on mini holidays like you.


Sedona is ranked among the most beautiful places in America, where the landscape is spectacularly colorful. Do not be worried that Sedona is highly rated; it is quite cheap, and you are sure to enjoy your weekend getaway within tight budgets. As such, you are sure of having a mini holiday and probably find a business opportunity especially if you are interested in the hospitality industry. Here you are likely to make business connections and probably have future business partners who are out on the same mission. Finally, come to Sedona ready for hiking as it is home to more than 100 hiking trails and you are sure to enjoy your time here.


All year round reliable weather of California makes Monterey your weekend getaway destination as it assures you of good times and meeting new people whose desire is to rewind. Beautiful beach homes designed to cool your nerves will surely soothe you to forget the rough week and rejuvenate your spirit. Top real-estate developers are known to frequent here and you could be lucky enough to get one partnering with you and boost your businesses. Making Monterey a destination for your mini-holiday is worth taking the risk, as the sceneries are beautiful enough to arouse your creativity and get a business breakthrough you have been striving to get. Besides, the coastlines and abidance of natural wonders will keep you occupied while you operate within your tight budget, making your mini business worthwhile.

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is yet another perfect weekend getaway ideal for people of all ages, especially for the business class. The destination is known for its deep rooted cultures on fashion, where traditional and modern cultures blend perfectly. Over the years it has been a desirable destination for movie superstars, as it was the epicenter of film making industry in the 20th century. As such, you Santa Barbra is not only perfect for leisure, but it also suits business travel as you are likely to meet new clients, business coaches, or people you are likely to partner with in carrying out business projects in the future. The place is budget friendly with affordable eateries like McDonald’s Egg McMuffin which have their roots here.

Miami Beach

Miami is a perfect blend of cultures where residents and travelers mingle freely. Here you get what you can afford and will comfortably suit a person looking forward to having a business travel yet luxurious weekend off. You will find people of all walks of life from celebrities to top business personalities and families having some good time. Miami gives you an opportunity for you to enjoy and learn new things that will rejuvenate your mind to face the week ahead. Thus, if you are not afraid of adventure and want to have a perfect business travel, Miami Beach and you are assured of spending your time in a mini paradise within your budget.

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For years, Kennebunkport has been a favorite for many families and individuals who want to have some quality time. Famous for camping along Ocean Drive, adventure and fun two things you are assured of getting while here. Kennebunkport offers you abundant ocean life to explore attracting the business class eager have fun. Just make sure you are prepared for diving, swimming, and other beach sports. You have some natural cafes and quite places to rewind away from your busy business schedule. Besides, the restaurants are quite affordable, making sure your business travel to the destination was not only fruitful but economical.

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San Antonio

San Antonio claims the Texas pride for historical sites that will marvel you. The ancient sites such as the famous San Antonio Mission National Historical Park attract tourists and business people from all over the world. For the business class, here is a destination that will suit your tight budget yet offer great inspiration to your business. Besides, you are likely to meet people are out to have fun and might turn out be your future clients or partners.  However, you do not need to have read lots of historical books about San Antonio to enjoy the city, all you need is a free mind, and you are sure of enjoying your weekend.

Laura Begley Bloom author at Forbes magazine on business travel getaway, had this to say about beilesiure travel for $100 a weekend.

“Business people should choose a leisure weekend getaway based on the nature of their operations and otherwise, your mini holiday fails to serve its purpose.”

Always remember to make a choice of your weekend getaway in consideration of your location to avoid traveling hundreds of miles, unless you want to have a road trip. Besides, always make preparations about where you will spend the night; get to know their rates and their offers. Traveling when most hotels are giving special offers to their clients assures you of having a very good time an affordable fee. Finally, remember to choose a place that favors your tastes and preferences to ensure you have all the fun you can get in the world.

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