Glass is Class! Reasons To Add More Glass In Your Home

Glass is synonymous with elegance, cleanliness and modernity.

Glass is a wonderful material for home decor. It’s attractive, versatile, and easy to maintain. The main reason why people tend to shy away from using more glass in their homes is that they are afraid of how fragile it is.

However, there are many new advances that allow you to use glass in your home without worrying about breakage. Did you know that glass is also recyclable? The interior design community is having a love affair with glass and it doesn’t look like the romance will be ending anytime soon! Read on to discover the reasons you should add more glass to your home.

Glass makes your space look bigger

When there are no walls, the eye has no end in sight and your space will appear larger than it actually is. Glass partitions create an illusion of more free space in your home. We love how these mirrors take up minimal wall space yet make this apartment feel much larger!

Glass makes your home feel more open

A wall of glass doors from the living room to your outdoor patio creates an open and airy feeling. Not only does it allow for a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors, but it also removes the barrier of a closed-door that divides rooms.

Glass allows you to enjoy gardens outside your window even on rainy days

Interior and exterior glass walls bring the outside in, allowing you to still enjoy the view of your garden even when it’s raining or snowing out. Some homeowners opt for skylights to maximize the amount of sunshine coming into their homes, while others add floor-to-ceiling windows.

Glass is a timeless material

A house styled with glass décor will never go out of style. Glass can fit into any style from modern to traditional. It’s beautiful, clean, and simple yet elegant at the same time. Glass makes your home look luxurious because it’s such a classy material!

Glass brings natural light into your home

If you want to brighten up your space, glass is a great way to do so. Although it isn’t transparent, glass reflects light and really brightens up a room.

Glass can be used for various purposes

You can use glass for various purposes such as dividing living areas, creating displays or providing privacy without blocking. Glass is a flexible material that can be used both as a wall or divider, but also as a décor feature. It is resistant to high temperatures and humidity and it is very durable.

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Glass enhances energy efficiency

Yes, you heard that right! Glass doors and windows have an impact on your household energy savings. The reflective nature of glass allows heat generated from lights or heaters in your bathroom to remain trapped inside the room and not escape through windows and doors. This helps reduce your energy bills significantly in the long run by keeping your bathroom warm and cozy even during the winter months.

Incorporating Glass Into Your Homes

Glass has the ability to make a bold statement in your home. Its transparency makes it ideal for making small spaces appear larger, and this sees it being used in many contemporary interior designs. It is also one of the most versatile materials you can use in your home, which is why it is a favorite of many.

Here are some of the ways you can incorporate glass into your home to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Glass doors

Glass doors are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, which is why they are commonly used in homes. They allow natural light to flow freely through your home and give an easy view of what’s outside. The ability to link indoor and outdoor spaces through glass doors makes them ideal for homes and apartments with limited space. If you want to create a beautiful look in your home, sliding glass doors are the way to go.

Glass windows

The beauty of glass is not lost on windows as they can be designed using modern technology to suit different needs. The transparency of glass allows natural light and heat from the sun into your home, giving it a warm feel during winter months while keeping out some of the warmth during summer. This makes them an energy-efficient choice for your windows, helping keep electricity costs down.

Custom glass shower doors

Custom glass shower doors are a great way to spruce up your bathroom and add some elegance to it. The simple designs of the past have been replaced by elegant glass enclosures that can transform a bathroom from being outdated and boring to one that is both sophisticated and contemporary. Glass shower doors are more popular than ever in modern homes, particularly in bathrooms. Glass doors allow for easy viewing through them, which means that if you have a large bathroom or a large family, you can see where everyone is at all times.

Custom glass shower doors offer many different styles and options to choose from including frameless doors, sliding doors, hinged doors, and even custom-made ones. Many homeowners enjoy the different styles that they can find in the market today because they add so much character to the room.

Final Thoughts

Some of the benefits and characteristics of glass are almost magical. In the past, it was more of a luxury material to be used in specific places, but now that technology has improved, the uses for glass have broadened. There are many kinds of glass available for different applications and each has its own advantages. Many times, there are even options within a type or brand that allow you to make the most out of your decision. Glass is a great material and technology just keeps making it better.

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