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Glam Up Your Yard with These Fantastic Lighting Ideas

Isn’t it amazing if you could create a different world with each area of your house? Imagine your home being its own little universe, and the rooms and spaces inside are little worlds with their own little magical comforts. The bedrooms, the kitchen, and the yard and garden all have their own charms, and you can easily lose yourself in them.

Your yard, in particular, has the potential to look like it’s from another magical realm. Shrubs and flowers are not the only decorations that can spruce up the yard. By just adding a few lighting effects and moods all over the place, it can look like a totally different place during the night. Check out these few lighting suggestions to add to your own yard.

LED String Lights

This lighting idea is perfect if you have trees planted in your yard. It’s easy to execute too. All you have to do is to get a string of LED lights and wrap them around the tree branches. If you have railings and poles, you can also wrap these strings around them. You might need to buy a lot of these if you have a number of trees in your yard.

Photo by C & C Partners Design/Build Firm

Lamps and Lanterns on Pathways

Lanterns give off a homey feel, while lamps look more contemporary. If you place these along the walkways, you provide a lighted path with an extra dreamlike feeling to anyone walking down it. Another lighting option similar to this type are Japanese lanterns. They give off a traditional vibe, and they can be displayed in various colors and patterns.

Photo by NightOrbs, llc.

Accent Lights on the Walls and in the Garden

Accent lighting is one of the most commonly used method for yards and gardens. It’s popular because it’s easy to place, and it provides a soft light to the otherwise dark or shadowy corners of the yard. Accent lights can be placed on walls, walkways, and even underneath the plants and flowers in the garden. Speaking of garden, you can place cattail garden accent lights among flowers to provide soft lighting and, at the same time, highlight the beauty of your flowers at night.

Photo by Gregory Phillips Architects

Sun Bricks

Now this one is both pretty and energy-saving. Sun bricks are patio pavers that are inserted flush to the ground—often placed on pathways. The great thing about this lighting method is that sun bricks are solar-powered LED lights! It’s innovative and beautiful—a totally worthy fixture to be added to your yard.

Photo by Horizon Landscape Company

Your yard may be big or small—it doesn’t really matter. It’s a space you call your own. If you take the time and the initiative to turn it into something more—flowers and landscapes and beautiful lighting—it can be something you can be proud of.

With these lighting ideas installed in your yard, you can definitely achieve that ethereal atmosphere that can make you and your loved ones question if you are still in this world or if you were transported into another world full of warmth, calm, and fairy lights. What are you waiting for? Step up your yard lighting game and start transforming the space into something extraordinary.

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