Why You Should Get A Camping Swag?

If you are planning to go camping, you should think about getting a camping swag. This is essentially a bedroll that consists of a sleeping unit, covered by a tent, which is essential during camping for a good sleep. The different elements are rolled together, and the entire package is lightweight as well easy to carry.

This is a convenient option, if you are planning to trek on foot. These are perfect for outdoor sleeping. There are different varieties of swag available. You should research a bit, find out about the price, and feature options. Swags are extremely popular in Australia and are used extensively by miners, travelers, unemployed people, etc.

Features of a swag:

A swag is designed for outdoor sleeping. These come with a mattress, a pillow, and a sleeping bag. There is also a tent, which can be erected easily. The overall weight of the swag is not much, and a foot traveler can carry it easily over long distances. The tent is generally insect proof and waterproof. Swags are highly durable and can provide a comfortable overnight shelter in the roughest areas, like deep forests, Australian bushes, etc. If you are going on a camping adventure, a camping swag can be a highly effective option for you.

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Benefits offered by swags:

A swag can have the following advantages:

  • Fast and easy establishment and packing: Swags are designed in such a way that the tent can be erected easily and at a fast pace. Most swags come with 2 pegs, which take less than a minute to set up. The break down and rolling process is easy to handle and it does not take much time.
  • No need for extra baggage: If you have a swag, you need not to carry multiple camping gear or equipment. A single unit will include all essential objects like a tent, a pillow, a mattress, etc. The overall weight of a camping swag is usually around 8 kilograms, which is quite low. You will be able to carry all of your equipment in a single roll easily and will not have to leave anything behind.

  • Comfortable interiors: Swags involve canvas made of cotton or poly cotton, which are great insulators. Thus, even if the temperature is cold, the interiors of the swag will be comfortable and warm. The mattress is made of foam and has a PVC base, giving you a strong support and increasing comfort. The ventilation is good, and the volume is low, making condensation minimal. If the temperature outside is hot, the ventilation will ensure that the interior is cool. Swags have a storm cover too, which can protect you amidst the strongest of winds. Thus, you will stay comfortably inside the swags irrespective of outside weather condition.
  • Stargazing facility: A camping swag is perfect for people who love looking up at the beautiful night sky and gaze at the stars. These come with a storm cover that can be opened. A mesh-based insect protection system will allow you stargaze through an open roof without being bothered by the insects.

Types of camping swags:

  • Single swags: These small units can hold one person.
  • Double swags: These can accommodate two people.
  • Dome swags: These are dome shaped, lightweight, and have insect protection.
  • Air swags: These are highly innovative, and no poles are needed to erect the tent.
  • Swag bags: These can be converted into a duffel bag.

Therefore, it can be concluded that a camping swag can make your night outs in the wilderness highly comfortable. These can protect you from insects and hostile temperatures. Swags are also easy to carry around.

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