Gardening and Meditation: Finding Zen in Your Backyard

People use their backyards for various things. It’s the ultimate entertainment area for barbecuing, family time, hosting parties and having a morning coffee in the summer. However, more and more people find it to be a valuable home edition where they can seek peace from the busy world.

That is when they decide to turn their backyards into the Zen sanctuaries to enjoy some privacy and relaxing time. Zen gardens are places of balance. They bring tranquillity to your home and its members, as well as serve as an inspiration to others to do the same with their backyards.

Above all else, you will not only find Zen in your backyard but also beauty. With natural materials like sand, pebbles and water, you will turn your space behind the house into an oasis.

Introducing the water to your space

There are various ways to create a Zen garden with water. The most important thing is to choose an area where you will add a water feature to your backyard. Also, decide what kind of structure you want.

You can choose from a variety of options on the market that only need an installation. This includes fountains in all shapes and sizes which would look great as part of the sitting seat or stand-alone surrounded by greenery.

Pre-made waterfalls are also very popular and look wonderful as decorations in the garden. The sound of water falling in cascades will calm you and help you meditate. However, that sound can be annoying for some household member and even neighbours, so make sure that it doesn’t bother anyone before installing it.

The green oasis of cosiness

Not only will you benefit from various greenery in your backyard, but also you will enjoy creating a wonderful sanctuary to relax. Gardening is not only famous but scientifically proven to decrease stress in person’s life and be an amazing hobby for those suffering from anxiety and depression.

Before you start planting, go through the catalogues and magazines so you can find what kind of plants you would like to grow. If you need more information, research online or seek advice in the local nursery garden. However, the best is to achieve balance in types and shapes that will surround you.

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You can even mix potted plants with those planted directly in the ground. Small fruit trees or evergreens will go great with some wildflowers scattered among them. Big-leaved perennials are perfect to give your Zen spot that shaded and otherworldly feel.

Sand and pebbles

Although sand and pebbles are not something you can just place in your garden from anywhere, it’s still a welcoming project that will do a makeover of your backyard. Usually, this means that you will have to hire professionals to build a special area for the true Japanese Zen garden frequently seen in miniature version.

But, you can add some personal touch to the usual sand, rock and rakes formation. Subtle lamps to make it visible during the night right on the edges will make it more attractive. As will a comfortable bench and small table to sit with your guests or simply enjoy some time alone.

A few succulent plants inside and on the edges, while outside you can add some perennials to add to a more natural atmosphere. Simple water feature, like stream or pond, can revive the area and you can even add some Koi fish in the mix.

A relaxing sitting area

A comfortable and cosy sitting area is perfect for those who want to enjoy more luxurious peace in their backyard. Also, this is something you can enjoy the whole year if you design it with that in mind. High-quality materials resilient to water are widely available on the market, and sitting sets come in all styles.

But it’s what surrounds it that counts when you decide for this kind of Zen area. For example, choose and install awnings Sydney summers need to get enough shade during the day or shelter when it’s raining.

Build a fire pit in the middle to keep you warm during colder nights, or simply as a decoration that will help you focus on being calm. Even a fireplace has its place in the outdoor décor if you want something more sophisticated.

Erect this area on the stone tiles or make it a glass enclosure which you can use during winter with some gas heaters. You can also enclose it with some canvas and turn it into a sort of tented shelter to get away from the world.


Zen garden will help you concentrate on yourself and achieving serenity after a long and tiring day. Stress is something we can’t escape and eliminate from our lives. However, it can be managed through proper meditation techniques, positive thinking and appropriate environment, like a Zen garden.

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