Gardening Basics for Beginners

In this poisonous, congested world of plenty, quality is more than often overlooked for quantity. Supplying the ever growing population has proven to be a difficult job, despite the fact that technology is struggling to keep up the pace. It is here that health benefits of natural, organically grown food are being constantly neglected. New lifestyle ideas, stemming from the West’s west, have arrived! Always trying to promote healthy way of being, in spite to the often correct prejudice of the overweight America, the Californians have started growing their own, home-made, 100% natural organic gardens. Now, decades later, this trend has gone through a boom, and that is the reason we’re supplying you with tips towards starting your very own organic garden.


First and foremost, as is the case with most of things in this here life, planning is the key. Maybe not planning, per se, but rather getting in tune with your inner self and his or her needs. Do you want a cutsie little weed bunch, that will give you routine in form of grass cutting and maybe even catch a couple of glimpses from the strollers by? Or would you rather opt for a big, needy garden to love and nurture as an alternative to being a cat lady (or guy)? Maybe you’d like to plant some herbs, or vegetables, or perhaps just a colorful flower cutting garden? Whatever may be the case, you need to be realistic. You can’t grow cacti in Siberia, or evergreen trees in the Mojave desert. So gather that climate info, pick your desired plants and then – dive into research. You can grow your garden indoors as well, so if you need to or don’t have sufficient lighting you can get tips for buying grow lights to supplement the full frequency light that comes from the sun.

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Different plant sorts

On that note, you probably shouldn’t keep your hopes up that growing myriads of various different plants is going to be anything but hard work. If you’re aiming for diversity, let me tell you, you can start setting some cash aside for a chiropractor fund right now, for that back’s gonna be aching like hell! Why? Well, it’s simple, different plant sorts require different ways of growing. Some require more water, some less sunlight, sometimes blooming periods of certain plants overlap with frequent visits of much less desired insects that could devour your garden. So it may be better to start small and then level-up towards that Garden of Eden you’re aiming for.

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Organic gardening

Always remember that your organic garden (quite logically) requires organic supplies. Whether you decide to buy locally, or order by mail, your seeds should be organic, and you should refrain from using any form of herbicides, pesticides and other synthetic products. Not only will natural products for coping with weeds, pests and diseases make your garden prettier and your fruits and veggies tastier and healthier, but they’ll also prove more favorable to the environment, a constant worry that plagues our society.


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Proper garden tools

Next, go for garden tools shopping. Do not wait until you need a specific tool. Buy everything you think you might need, straight away. Pruners, loppers, rakes, forks and shears make for only the top of the list. So, go a step further in your research, and visit the Internet forums, discussions, gather advice, ask a friend, anything for your garden!

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Next, chose the site for your garden. Depending on whether you want it inside or out, whether your front yard is big or small, keep in mind that you should think ahead. Plant roots are incredibly versatile and strong, and should you happen to miscalculate, not even your indoor floorboards are safe. Measure, scale and think ahead!

Soil is important!

Add the quality soil. A basis for plant growing, soil plays perhaps the most important role on the road to organic agriculture. Perks of good soil are plenty: for starters, it is far easier to drive your shovel tip into it, when the soil is good. It is a lot softer and although plant roots are things of awesome power, it is always recommended that you should be tender with the babies, no matter it is flora or fauna that’s in question. In addition, quality soil works great with good fertilizers, which you also need to be specific about.

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So sit alone and plan ahead. Think about your goals, pick your plants, start small, choose the good soil and quality equipment, be picky about your fertilizers coming from animals with only the healthiest of diets and you’re on your way towards creating that heavenly green garden we know you’re imagining this very moment!

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