How to furnish your man cave Johnny Weissmuller style

Have you ever heard of Johnny Weissmuller, actor and athlete extraordinaire? Well, now is your chance. One of the fastest swimmers in the roaring twenties, this man one five gold medals at the Olympics for his swimming acumen. He set a world record at the time, swimming one hundred meters in less than one minute, and continued to set over fifty world records in various swimming discipline. IF this wasn’t enough, he is the Tarzan actor. Starring in more than twelve Tarzan movies, this man was all class and discipline. Do you know that famous Tarzan yell? Yup, that’s him. Weissmuller was also into golfing, and he epitomized all the positive aspects that made a man a man in the twenties.

With all that in mind, what better way to fix up your man cave, than in the style of this great man? Combining some old school class and style, with a healthy and dedicated approach to athletics, and just a lil’ bit of modern comfort, and you can set up a man cave of your dreams

General style

The good old days – the time of jazz clubs, wonderful cars, men in suits, an optimistic and more innocent time. Of course, this is just forlorn nostalgia talking, we look at those decades through rose coloured glasses. But no matter how problematic they may or may not have been, we gotta give it something – those years had style. From how cars looked, the music, literature, and how men dressed, there is class and style behind it all. Setting up your man cave to emulate those years will definitely not go unnoticed.

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Maybe find some old-timey furniture, a gramophone too. If you’re looking at the early twentieth century, Art Nouveau was all the rage, with its free and flowing lines and shapes, creative and colourful and wild. Art Deco came soon after, jagged, straight, geometric and beautiful, in black, gold and bronze. Choose a style, and do the most you can to really ingrain it in your new abode.

Golf simulator

Mr Weissmuller was into sports of all kinds, and golf was one of them. And indeed, golf is one of our favourite pastimes. With the wonderful advent of technology, you can now practice your swing in the comfort of your own home. Sure, nothing beats going outside and actually playing, but at least you can scratch that itch when it arrives.

Photo by GRADY-O-GRADY Construction & Development, Inc.

Things like VR and AR set-ups, or the Swing eagle system, these all can give you that much-needed practice, all in in the comfort of your home. You don’t have to be afraid of getting rusty, these systems can help you improve your game many times over, as long as you practice.

Pool table

Was there ever a man who didn’t dream of owning a pool table in his own home? How can you resist the temptation of getting one right then and there, playing whenever you want? The perfect party thing, people will flock to your home to play a game or two. And the best part is that you won’t have to spend hours in a crowded, smoke-filled bar, and paying for overpriced drinks, and play on bent tables with cheap cues.

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A bar

What kind of a man cave is it, if you don’t have a nice bar filled with your favourite drinks? Maybe a nice countertop, your own tap, and a couple of bar stools. Get some nice, classy glasses, some good whisky, and a couple of home-brewed beers, and you’re good to go.

Photo by RWA Architects

An endless pool

Besides Tarzan, what really made Weissmuller famous was his swimming. So why not look up to the man, and start swimming yourself? Furthermore, why not get a pool in your man cave? In case you simply lack the opportunities to set up an outside pool yourself, one large enough where you can practice, you can get an endless pool in your own home.


Endless pools are small pools, usually somewhere between six by six and 15 by 15 feet. They create resistance against the swimmer who is inside the pool, either by creating a current, or by somehow keeping the swimmer in pace. This allows said swimmer to essentially swim for as many miles as he wants, even though he is technically moving in place. John Weissmuller practised almost every day, he treated his body like a temple – you should do the same.

Media room

A little bit of modernity goes a long way. Why not watch some old-school movies on a huge TV screen fixed to your wall, with a lot of comfy chairs strewn around. A big sofa, a good movie, and a nice beer really go well together. Set up a gaming station, with the newest games and high-quality joysticks, and play some multiplayer games with your buddies.

Photo by Paint Perfect


The old days are gone, and maybe that’s a good thing. But you shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, rather, look at the old times, see what people did well, throw out the bad, and set up your man cave as a haven to both fun, physical excellence, and style.

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