Fun, Cheap and Easy Craft Ideas for Kids 2021

It’s truly difficult to fathom in a kid’s imaginative power. They always have uncountable alcoves of evocation and fantasy inside their mind. While the pandemic makes them sit at home and get bored, you can let them actively participating in lots of fun activities such as making DIY crafts, which is quite entertaining. These simple and easy crafts will help them breaking the shell of boredom and indulge towards super imagination at the same time.

DIY craft kits are easily available and affordable, from a flair of online websites which specifically groom their expertise on making arts and crafts items. Websites namely Hobby Lobby, Michaels avail huge discounts and affordable prices to its customers by using specified coupons. For instance, at this moment you may get up to 50% off on all hand making craft items using Hobby Lobby coupons. Hence, if you’re thinking about DIY craft ideas for the kids, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some easy and fun DIY craft ideas for kids

DIY bead necklaces

As girls love playing to dress up and sweet makeover, let their crafting journey begin through stringing up with a pretty diy bead necklace. This is one of the easiest crafts to curate. All you need is a string and a variety or specific pattern of beads to tie in with the string. These necklaces consume a good amount of time, hence easily keeping them busy for a longer time!

DIY bracelets

Remember the time, when you used to turn & twist strings into spiral patterns and make bracelets out of it? These are what we presently term as DIY bracelets; simple to make and snatch up sufficient amounts of time from your kids! While making a pair of these, your kids will learn how to identify and make different patterns with strings that are truly fascinating for their curious mind!

DIY bookmarks

Bookmarks are so easy to make and DIY bookmarks look just perfect if you’re the one, deciding what it’s going to look like. Be it in any shape, or with any design on it, DIY bookmarks are a complete product of imagination. Hence, let them involve making and ask them to simply drive their creativity wildly entertained.

DIY paper lanterns

It’s pretty surprising how one sheet of paper can be turned into countless pretty amazing paper models when it comes to blending your crafting skill with imagination. Albeit, making DIY paper lanterns is a bit risky for kids as it involves a lot of scissor use, but the advantage of it is that it makes kids learn how to use a scissor safely for different purposes. These paper lanterns don’t just become a showpiece for a kid’s room, but it also has a good learning outcome!

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DIY foam paint art

Foam paint, which kids can pull out of a piping bag (which gets indurated after being dried), can be used for making creative masterpieces! It can be bought from a physical store or online. Kids can use it on canvases or hard craft sheets to draw attractive paintings or just write Simple words in different styles. This is the most fun and creative crafty idea for kids to learn. But as an elderly person you just have to be a little cautious while they are in action with it for being little risky for the eyes!

DIY collages

Putting together different pictures into a collage is a very creative crafting idea for kids. This collage can be later put on their study table, or can be framed and pinned on the wall. DIY collages not only bring out the creative side of a kid, but it also helps him/ her learn how to put together different things in order to groove out a meaningful picture. This is super easy to make and you don’t even need to spend a lot of money to buy the basic elements!

DIY Tie-dye art

The very famous tie-dye craft is another engaging idea to keep kids involved. Tie-dye can be used on any object, especially clothing, to make it look more aesthetic and pretty. You can allow them to anchor the craft on their own t-shirts, which can bubble up an essence of self satisfaction later! Tie-dye craft can be completed in a number of different ways, which makes it even more interesting for kids.

DIY vegetable paintings

Small vegetables of simple shapes like a ladyfinger, can be used to make DIY paintings. These paintings are really creative, and the best part is- you don’t even have to invest a single penny to make it true. It can also be accomplished in an eco-friendly way, using raw vegetables which are either atrophied or perished. Pick these and slice out masterpieces through painting these beautifully.

Hence, start with these simple crafting ideas and once your kids get quite accustomed with these you can trigger up the scale of aestheticity one step ahead. And in case you feel baffled in collecting basic ingredients, there is no need to be confounded as each DIY craft consists of very simple and countable items, most of which can be managed from your home! Yet in case of painting or requirement of special colour papers that you need to purchase, take help from crafting websites and regularly scroll through for lucrative offers. Have a happy purchase and let your baby freely roam across each corner of his imagination.

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