From Backyard Barbecues to Impromptu Dinner: Easy Meals for Entertaining on a Time Crunch

Good weather, great company, and no-fuss meals are some of the most essential ingredients for a fantastic summer. As the temperature rises and people start to enjoy more free time, it’s important to keep a good collection of quick summer meals on hand so you’re always prepared to host family and friends.

Preparing for a BBQ or summer dinner party doesn’t have to be stressful. With these easy meals, you can create a delicious, hassle-free menu that leaves everyone satisfied.

Vegetable and Fruit Skewers

All you have to do is fire up the grill and pile some of your favorite summer produce onto skewers. Everyone can get in on the fun, concocting their ideal combos from a simple spread laid out on the counter. Offer different seasonings and a few different bottles of marinade to give everyone plenty of variety. The best part about this low-fat, healthy summer dinner is that you can easily combine it with other dishes. Consider using the grilled vegetables and fruits as a side for your favorite grilled meat or pile it into a pita wrap with some shredded lettuce.

Summer Sub Sandwiches

Lay out Kaiser buns, fresh veggies, some deli meats, and cheese so your guests can create their own sandwiches. Served with some coleslaw, salad, or a handful of chips, this is a classic summer meal that is both affordable and easy to put together. Offer to wrap any sandwiches guests want to take home in foil so you have even less to clean up later!

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Mediterranean Salad

This hearty salad can be enjoyed alone or partnered with a steak, grilled chicken, or fish. Chop up one cucumber per guest, add a can of garbanzo beans, some tomato, and a red onion, then mix well with some olive oil, black pepper, and feta cheese.

BBQ Tacos

Your favorite meats can quickly become a fulfilling Mexican entree. Grilled chicken , fish, or steak work best with this dish, but you could also include tofu or just vegetables. Store-bought taco shells and a pack of flour tortillas make up the bulk of the preparation; all you need to do is add some simple toppings like a diced red onion, guacamole, sour cream, and salsa. Don’t forget the tortilla chips, either! If you enjoy a laid-back, zesty summer dinner, this is the perfect meal to whip up when you have company arriving soon.

Keep summer fun and offer to host potlucks if you like entertaining but aren’t a fan of all the prep. Sharing meals and swapping recipes can make your summer get-togethers even more memorable.

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