Why a Freestanding Bath Tub is a Great Choice for Your Bathroom

Freestanding baths are more common nowadays than ever before. They have become the new ‘must have’ bathroom fixture – and it’s easy to see why. Here are just a few reasons why installing a freestanding bath in your bathroom will be one of the best decisions you ever make.

Massive range of styles

More so than with any other style of bath, freestanding baths come in tremendously varied styles and sizes. There really is something for everybody’s preferences and needs. Opt for traditional copper and enamel freestanding baths for that vintage feel, or superbly modern stainless steel for a contemporary look, and there’s lots more choices. Want a minimalist look? No problem! Want luxurious opulence? Try a marble, granite or travertine Freestanding Bath. You really are spoilt for choice when it comes to freestanding baths available on the market.

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Got a small bathroom?  No problem!

While the common image portrayed in movies is that of a freestanding bath tub in a spacious and luxurious bathroom, freestanding baths are designed for a range of bathrooms, including even the smallest ones. If you have a small bathroom, then instead of thinking about placing the bath in the centre of the room, consider locating it against a wall or in a corner as an alternative.

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If space is really limited, try looking for freestanding bath models which are shorter and deeper than some of the regular options; there are sometimes called Japanese baths – which require less floor space to be installed. Having a smaller than average bathroom doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the pleasure of soaking in a nice, deep, stylish freestanding bath tub.

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Practical and durable

Apart from the WOW! Factor and other design considerations, freestanding baths are inherently practical. They are easy to clean around and easier to clean inside than a traditional wall-mounted bath if you have allowed sufficient space around all sides of the bath when positioning it.

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The wide range of materials used for constructing freestanding baths includes, stone, copper, stainless steel, gel-coated fiberglass, and the ever popular acrylic, which are all superbly durable materials. So investing in a freestanding bath for your bathroom really is a long-term investment in your home.

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You’ll not only enjoy using it for many years to come, but if you decide to sell up and move on at some point in the future, prospective buyers will love the fact that your home includes a freestanding bath – it may even become the deciding factor for them.

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Freestanding baths are an all round smart choice for any new bathroom or bathroom upgrade project and offer great value for money – and the most luxurious bathing experience you’ll ever have.

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