Frappe with Ice Cream – Perfect Combination for the Last Days of the Summer

Coffee is the perfect drink for the start and end of the day. If you have woken up without energy, the cup of coffee will awaken you and prepare you for the whole day. Also, a cup of coffee would refresh you after the working day. For the last day of summer we recommend you a Frappe with Ice Cream. This is a delicious that you should not miss. This frappe will bring back all your summer memories in a flash. Enjoy!

Ingredients required:

3 balls of ice cream from vanilla
Ice cubes
60 milliliters of freshly prepared coffee, cooled
30 milliliters of milk
2 tablespoons syrup with a taste of coffee
Cocoa powder

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Method of preparation:

Beat the ice cream, ice, coffee, milk and syrup with a mixer. Matte until you get a smooth surface. Transfer the resulting mixture into a glass cup and decorate with cocoa powder. Enjoy!

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