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Four Reasons to Introduce Mosaics to Your Home Interiors

As we enter the winter season and spend more time indoors, it’s a great time to bring a creative upgrade to your home interiors by inserting some art pieces into your design. It is well-known that art is one of the best ways to decorate any room: be that a futuristic sculpture or a practical piece of wall art, it will immediately bring life and texture to the interior! Dating back to the third millennium BC, mosaic creation is one of the most ancient art forms—and one of the most commonly used in interior decoration throughout history. Through the centuries, mosaics managed to evolve and modernize while staying true to their ancient roots. Here are the four reasons why it’s worth introducing mosaics to your home—and life!—this year:

Support a Centuries-Old Craft

Even in today’s fast-paced digital world, many mosaics workshops and producers stay true to the craft by using traditional techniques dating back to antiquity. Mozaico collaborates with more than 80 skilled artists in Lebanon living and working in the villages like Beit Chabeib or Roumieh where the craft of mosaics has developed for centuries.

Revamp Your Home Interiors

Interior design is all about layers, light, volume, and texture. Having a unique mosaic piece in your home immediately makes an interior look unique and creates a more complex look and feel. For lovers of minimalist style, mosaics are a way to add complexity to a room’s design and become a timeless statement piece. From kitchen backsplash and bathroom wall art to unique floor solutions, customized mosaics are durable and an exciting alternative to more conventional forms of decorating.

Add Personality to Your Space

Introducing art pieces to your home is one of the best ways to reflect your personality. Be that a traditional ornament inspired by ancient civilizations, modern or abstract images, or even mosaics made from your favorite photo, mosaics are the ultimate statement that will immediately draw attention and bring together different decor elements.

Invest in a Timeless Art Piece

Although mosaics are often presented as materials used to complement a design, they are also art pieces in their own right. Carefully created by skillful craftsmen, no two mosaics are the same. The chance to take part in the process of mosaic creation is exciting—and customers of Mozaico can achieve that since they can customize any existing design to their taste or even propose one on their own.

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