Four Quirky Ways to Jazz up your Garden

Winter is over and the joys of spring are finally upon us. The sun is peeking out from behind the clouds, the days are getting longer, and flowers are starting to bloom. With that in mind, now is the perfect time to tidy up your garden and give it the TLC it needs after winter. Pull up those pesky weeds, sprinkle fresh soil fertiliser and give your shed a lick of paint. Gardening doesn’t have to be boring or just another chore to tick off your to-do list, though. There are many quirky activities you can do to jazz up your garden, including these four.

Create a living plant wall

Turn your dull walls into a living plant haven using flowers and picture frames. This affordable feature will add plenty of colour, interest, and charm to what might have been a boring-looking area. All you need to create a living plant wall is some lovely succulents or flowers of your choice, and frames. Simply fill the gaps in the walls with these plants and secure the frames around them. You can even pick up some fancy vintage ones from antique and charity shops, or opt for something more chic and modern from a professional framing company, like Soho Frames. This international London-based framing company specialise in making “beautiful handmade, bespoke or custom gallery standard picture frames”, helping you to create a truly eye-catching design that will wow visitors.

Turn an old ladder into a planting garden

Do you enjoy growing fruit, veg, and herbs in your garden? If so, you’ll love our next idea. While many gardeners simply arrange their pots at ground level, one way of jazzing it up is by repurposing a ladder as a plant pot stand. Perhaps you have a ladder which is no longer safe for you to use yourself, but is perfectly capable of holding your plant pots and adding some rustic charm to your garden. You could even paint it a bright, bold colour to give the ladder more oomph. And if you don’t have an old ladder but love this idea, you can purchase a modern one from a vintage items and craft supplies site such as Etsy.

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Design a fairy garden

A fairy garden isn’t just for children. This can be a fun, quirky way to spruce up your green space,  adding some enchanting magic that everyone will love (your kids included). There’s so many ways to do it too — just take a look at these breathtaking designs for inspiration. For example, you could fill an old bucket with soil and create a fairy haven using different stones, ornaments, and decorations. You can even use old doll house furniture and miniature figures. A terrarium (a mini garden often housed inside a clear glass container) is a great place to do this too. If your landscape is blessed with a big tree, this could be the base for your design, adding various textures and colours to create something truly magical.

DIY your own hanging planter

Got a kitchen colander you don’t use? Then why not turn it into a beautiful flower pot! This is a very clever way of repurposing your old equipment. Thanks to the colander’s own drainage system, you don’t even need to worry about draining your plants, as it will happen naturally after watering. Paint it a funky colour and you’ve got a beautiful new planter that will catch the eyes of your guests. To make sure your soil doesn’t just fall out though, lay some burlap fabric inside the colander, then fill with soil and plant your favourite flowers. It can then be hung up by wrapping twine around its handles and tying it to a tree or piece of trellis.

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