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For Mom from Daughter: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Maybe dad or the son can offer mom a mug, or a card with flowers among other simple gifts on Mother’s Day, and those are lovely gifts- but as the daughter, you share a special bond with your mother. While she’s your parent all the time, she can also be like a sister or best friend. That’s why you need a special gift to express the unique relationship you have with her.

When buying a gift for anyone, let alone your mother, you shouldn’t just leave it up to chance and do that last minute shopping in the hope of finding the perfect gift. True, ‘it’s the thought that counts’, but there’s nothing easier these days than buying a gift online. With a credit card and some keyboard clicks, any item you can think of can be at your door in practically just the time it takes to get there. The choices of ideas are too abundant, which usually confuses people so you first have to narrow down the options. There are simple ways to do that, so let’s start and see how.

What are her interests?

No one is going to know your mother better than you. You know what her interests are and what she likes. So there’s no point in buying an expensive makeup kit if mom isn’t too big on makeup. Maybe her passion is in the arts or cooking, or maybe she loves the great outdoors or is a gym fanatic. Knowing her passions will immediately eliminate choices that aren’t suitable for her.

Go shopping with her

You must have gone shopping at least a few times with your mom. If that was a long time ago, take her out shopping now and ask her opinion while window-shopping. She might express a real desire to own a certain item, so pick up on that quickly instead of pondering on what to get.

Buy something she would never buy for herself

Moms sacrifice a lot for the sake of others, and there’s no stopping her when it comes to her family. There are literally hundreds of things she really might want but wouldn’t want to splurge on herself. That’s where you come in and splurge on her and don’t believe her if she says she doesn’t need anything!


That’s a final must-put-into-consideration point. What is your mom’s lifestyle like? Is she outdoorsy au natural, or a more indoors type of woman?  Putting this in mind will definitely put you on the right track to choose the perfect gift. Now that you’ve narrowed down how to choose the gift, what gift should you actually get? Let’s have a look together.

For the kitchen mom

If your mom really enjoys being in the kitchen, the choices for a gift are plenty. You might want to get her a new small appliance to prepare meals quicker since there are a lot of nifty appliances out there for cooking and baking. There are also lots of gorgeous and durable casserole or cookery sets. Mind you, a set of pots and pans might not seem to you as the best gift for mom, but if she likes cooking, she will definitely enjoy new pots and pans.

For the crafty mom

Is your mom into crafts because we know a lot of moms are. They’re just super creative and talented. Depending on what kind of craft mom is into, you can choose something that will take her crafting to a whole new level, such as a brand new sewing machine. You could also look into tools needed for quilting because she might be interested to take quilting up as a new hobby and if she’s already into it, the more she’ll need certain tools or equipment. A quilting machine could make a lovely gift for your mom and she’ll love how her quilting projects will come out looking so beautiful and professionally done.

For the exercise mom

If your mom loves to keep in shape then she’ll love getting in on the rage of wearing sports technology gadgets. This type of tech will allow her to monitor her health while exercising, and keep track of her progress, and do a variety of other things. These little bits of technology are so affordable now. Besides that, there is smart sportswear which has come a very long way. For example, you can buy training tops that are outfitted with sensors that transmit data to an app on the wearer’s heart rate, stress levels and energy output. Smart athletic apparel is the growing trend where yoga pants and hoodies are made by luxury brands. These are the gifts that your mom will definitely appreciate and might not have ever crossed her mind to buy.

The glam mom

If your mom is the type who loves to dress up and always looks like a million bucks, you won’t run out of options for gifts. A basket of skin or hair care products is worth seeing her radiant smile when receiving that. Or you can opt for a compact hair set, including a blow dryer, curling iron and straightener for full hair styling for the mom on the go.

Mom & daughter gifts

These make cute gifts and really cement your bond with mom. Just as the same principle of his and hers, like in bathrobes, sheets, cushions, picture frames among many other items, there are plenty of mom and daughter gifts you can find in jewelry, clothing items, accessories and house items.  You might be living in a different state or area from your mom, so perhaps mom and daughter gifts would be a nice way to always remember each other.

A day at the spa

A gift doesn’t always have to be a tangible item. Even the pickiest of moms wouldn’t mind a day of pampering at a spa. It could be a day out at any particular place she wouldn’t normally go to. It could also be an activity like a professional photo shoot, where she is suddenly super model mom! After mom has her shots, both of you can have some fantastic pictures taken together that will always be a precious gift, reminding her of the great daughter she has and a fantastic day you spent together.

Make it personal

Almost any gift you get can be personalized, with your name on it, or a favorite quote engraved into a lovely piece of jewelry, or embroidered on material, for instance. You can even personalize the wrapping paper with pictures of her or whatever is meaningful to her used as the paper. Because your mom is so special, so the gift you get also has to be special. Choose your gift with care and love and you can’t go wrong.

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