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More Than Just Heating: Foods you didn’t know You Can Cook in a Microwave

There’s a highly underutilized appliance in your kitchen that could help you in your cooking session: your microwave. You should get acquainted with your microwave oven because it’s one of the coolest appliances that could save your life in the kitchen. Let’s be honest, usually cooking and preparing meal seems like way too much effort. But it doesn’t have to be that way every day.

If you want to save more time and more convenience when preparing snacks, meals, and desserts, this sometimes overlooked appliance can significantly help you. Foods that are commonly prepared using many pans and pots on the stovetop or in your oven can be cooked quickly in the microwave.

Here’s a list of the top foods that you can cook in your microwave oven, without the help of any special equipment.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sure, there are days that you crave for oven-baked cookies, but what if you live somewhere without an oven? Or you don’t want your whole place to heat up with your oven? Then what? That’s the time you need to explore your microwave even more. Baking chocolate chip cookies in the microwave is also advisable since it allows you to control your portions easily.

If you’re trying not to overload on sugar and carbohydrate, perhaps you don’t want to have a whole baking sheet of cookies hanging anywhere. But whatever reasons you have, you will truly love how your microwave miraculously manage the entire business of making cookies. Place the doughs in small ramekins or mugs and nuke away.

Corn on the Cob

Craving for the taste of summer but you don’t have any grill? Cook your corn in the microwave oven in just a few minutes. All you have to do is place some corn ears on a microwaveable plate then set the timer for 3-4 minutes before removing the corn out of the appliance. Put some butter and seasoning and enjoy eating!

Poached Eggs

Making poached eggs is one of the best ways to turn a simple breakfast food into a huge pain in the ass. The standard method needs boiling water, using just enough salt and vinegar, keeping the water whirling at the right speed. Eventually, it will crack the egg in just the right way, in other words, it is very easy to screw up.

However, Mister microwave is always to the rescue and can change all that. All you need is the egg, a microwaveable bowl or container, hot water, and a small amount of salt and vinegar. Put inside the microwave, and a few minutes later, you will have the best topping for any healthy breakfast sandwich.

Crispy Bacon

Just a hint, this method doesn’t require paper towels. If you want to have crispy bacon, put it inside the microwave and try heating some slices on top of an overturned bowl. The excess fat will drip down the sides, leaving you an exceptional easy breakfast meal that no one will believe you cooked it inside your microwave oven.

Baked Potatoes

You probably have some hectic weeknights where you want to have food on the table right away. During these times and if you’re on a diet, you can appreciate the goodness of a magnificently fork-tender baked potato. However, baking potatoes in the oven might take a lot of time, and thankfully, you trusty microwave significantly cuts that time down. It will only take five minutes to prepare one potato in the magic appliance.

But keep in mind that adding more potatoes might consume a few more minutes but not too much. You can add special toppings to turn a humble spud into an exceptional dinner.


Microwaves make everyone’s life easier. This appliance has been used as a simple heater of leftovers, but it is good for so much more. Microwave ovens have been receiving undeserved criticism for such a long time. They are called microwave ovens for a reason, and they can also make meals almost the same to anything that a standard oven can do. The foods listed above are just some of the meal that you didn’t know you can cook inside the microwave oven.

Author Bio

Alexandra Palma is an aspiring chef and freelance writer. She loves to explore different methods of cooking. Alexandra also likes to browse sites to learn more about various food recipes such as how to make tortang giniling. During her spare time, she writes blogs for different websites.

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