Flowering Plants That You Can Grow Easily

Flowers are simple yet beautiful things that God has invented to beautify our lives. Owning a garden that grows colorful flowers is really a matter of pride because people whoever comes to your home would be happy to see greenery and colorful flowers in a world where the green content is diminishing. But we all have to take up this thing seriously and start growing more of green plants and the best way to do so is presenting a plant to our loved ones on any occasion. Or in case if you can make a habit of planting one tree on every birthday of each of your family members, the outcome would be really fascinating. Take a note of these following flowering plants and present them to your loved ones.

Sweet Peas

The most interesting fact of this flowering plant is that the more you pick the flowers, the more they produce. The fabulously sweet fragrance of these flowers make them really a treasure to have in your garden. All you need is a sunny area in your home or garden, a supportive fence, and plenty of water. Just be careful about the snails and slugs who love to rely on their young shoots. So, bring it home and celebrate someone’s birthday with the aromatic flowers.


This is one of the easiest plants to grow because they set seed for new plants and just like Nigella you don’t have to worry about the new plants. They are also capable to enduring any kind of climatic situation. So, keep it in sunny or shady or semi-shade area, always be assured that it would grow with the bonnet like flowers. The flowers are the most colorful ones you can ever imagine!


These flowers are always cheerful and that’s why they are hard to resist. It is very easy to grow this plant in garden and enjoy a colorful summer or winter. It could be a lovely backdrop while you want to gather with your friends to enjoy a lovely afternoon.

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This is another plant that is very easy to grow. All you need to do is toss the nigella seeds across a patch of bare soil in your garden. The plant is intelligent enough to look after the self. It produces beautiful jewel-like flowers and has pale fern like leaves. But it is tougher than what it looks. When the flowers fade away, the plant will set seed for the following year – see what a smart plant! You just need to invest once and reap the rewards for a lifetime.


The look of a sunflower is so energetic that it boosts up the confidence. This is an easy plant to grow. So, buy this flower plant online and teach your kids how to plant and take care of the plants. This plant would grow up to 14 feet height but make sure to place them in a sunny yet sheltered place in your garden. The interesting fact about this flower is that the blooming flower always faces the sun.

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