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Fixture Upgrade Options for a Spa-Like Bathroom

A spa is a place that gives comfort and helps you relax. If you dream of having a spa-like master bathroom, you will likely need to make some upgrades to it.

The good thing is that there are many ways to upgrade your bathroom to feel like a spa that will make you want to spend time comfortably instead of looking for a traditional spa where you’ll pay more money to access the facility. Below are tips for designing a relaxing spa bathroom.

Create a Separate Bathtub

Separating your tab from the rest of the fixtures makes the bathroom look cozy. Move the tab to an arched space or place it behind a divider. Make it look much better using a divider that has an oriental or artistic design.

Photo by Allard + Roberts Interior Design, Inc

Your plumbing aim is to create a more relaxed bathroom instead of getting in contact with the toilet every time. It makes you feel that you’re in your world with a first-class feeling.

Heated Tile Floors

Nothing makes your bathroom look appealing than large and neatly arranged tiles, more so when you place a radiant heat underneath the tiles. It makes you enjoy an illusion of space and warmth under your feet while stepping out of the bath. As you remodel your tiles, add this fixture under the tiles to create a spa-like feeling for your bathroom.

Photo by Rains Design

Natural and Artificial Lighting

Use a combination of various lighting fixtures to make the bathroom appear brighter and lively. You can add a window if the bathroom is near the exterior wall.

Natural lighting makes your bathroom therapeutic and best for grooming. When coming out of the bath, you can easily dress up for dinner, and comb your hair and a little makeup on your face.

Photo by Christiano Homes, Inc.

Don’t forget about artificial lighting too. Make your bathroom spa-like by adding a stunning chandelier and flaming torch. These types of fixtures will make you enjoy the spa moments throughout the day.

Install a Jacuzzi Tub

There is no better feeling like that of a Jacuzzi. It creates a recreational feel right in your bathroom. You can add things like soaps and oils on it as the warm, bubbling water brings out a natural scent.

Photo by Innovative Collaborations, Inc.

Jacuzzi also produces steam efficiently, and you can do a facial as you relax right in your bathroom. The feeling is out of this world. As you relax, you can do a face mask or hair treatment creating memories of being in a real spa.

Remodeling your bathroom to look like a spa can change your whole meaning of relaxation. You’ll enjoy comfortable moments in the bathroom as you relieve yourself from the long day stress.

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