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Five Ways that can Help to Sell your Home Quickly

Selling a house isn’t always a straightforward process and the longer your house stays on the market the more and more frustrating it can become. Fortunately though there are a number of ways you can actually help increase the speed of a sale. What follows are five different approaches for you to take as alternative options to using a high-street estate agent:


Firstly, you might want to consider heading to an auction, as this is a guaranteed quick sale. There are obvious benefits here in that you will get your property sold on the day, however you should be aware that with this process you might not always get the amount you want. Equally though, if you’re lucky you could get much more!

Online Sales

You also have the option of selling your property online. You’ll need to be more tech-savvy for this but many of the major online listings sites can allow you to create your own adverts. It’s worth getting some help from friends or family though to write up your advert, size up rooms and take quality images.

A Close Friend

On the subject of your friends though, there’s also the potential for selling directly to some of them. While this isn’t always the case for everyone, this can and does still happen, so why not just ask around and see if anyone is interested? The closer you are the better, as it will make liaising and handling the administrative side of things much faster and easier.

Cash Buyers

One of the fastest ways to make a sale is to look for cash buyers. There are companies like Quick Move Now who will assess your property and make you a cash offer to buy it, all without having to go through the hassle of chains, added fees and negotiations.

Create a Blank Canvas

Last but not least, if you’re intent of using an estate agent then help speed up the sale by making your property as presentable as possible. Repaint in neutral colours, declutter your rooms and get rid of dark blinds or curtains. Also clear your gardens to make your property like an easy to manage blank canvas.

So, be sure to consider some of these options and rid yourself of the worry and anxiety of an ongoing sale. Any of the above could soon see your property sold in next to no time, you can of course try a number of these to help speed things up even more!

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