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First Steps to Take for Getting Your Yard Ready for Spring

After months of wind, snow, and other winter weather, spring has finally arrived. That means it’s time to get your yard in order. With a sound strategy and a bit of effort, you should be able to whip your property into shape in just a few weeks. Here are five items you should consider adding to your to-do list.

Remove Debris

Over the course of the winter, the howling winds and heavy snowfall are likely to leave a smattering of debris strewn across your yard. Tree limbs, old birds’ nests, and the remnants of holiday decorations are all likely to have been blown onto the ground. Before you can get working on your yard, you’ll need to dispose of all this detritus.

Rake Out Your Gardens

Even if you were thorough about your fall raking, you’ll probably have some dead leaves in your garden at the start of spring. You’ll need to clean those out as soon as possible if you want the gardens to be usable. Once the leaves are taken care of, you’ll have room for this year’s round of plants and flowers.

Photo by The Design Build Company

Fertilize Your Lawn

If you want your lawn to be lush and green this spring, you should get it fertilized as early as possible. Unless your soil is wonderfully rich, the grass will need some extra food to look its best. With some decent fertilizer and consistent watering, you should end up with a lawn you can be proud of.

Photo by The Todd Group

Lay Down New Mulch

No matter how much you’ve laid down in the past, mulch has a way of disappearing over the winter. Some disintegrate while the rest washes away, leaving your gardens bare and muddy. An afternoon spent spreading mulch around the gardens will immediately freshen up the aesthetic of your yard.

Photo by NRD Landscape Design Build

Remove Any Pests

From ants that do a number on your vegetable gardens to wasps that can leave nasty welts, there are all sorts of pests that might take up residence on your property once the weather begins to improve. Calling in a pest control expert at the start of the season is the best way to take care of this problem before it gets out of hand.

Photo by Erin Lau Landscape Design- Seattle

Spring is finally here, and the warmer weather should be your cue to get outside and do some yard work. If you follow the steps outlined above, you should have your yard looking its best in no time.

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