Fireproof Your Home

When it comes to things that could possibly go awry within a home, fire is among the most life-threatening ones and can occur in a wide variety of ways. It is easy to underestimate a fire, even easier to neglect the home safety with regards to it. Thousands of injuries and deaths occur due to fire-related events annually and the worst part is the fact that these are easily preventable. Most people are way closer to a potential disaster than they think, feeling safe, while surrounded by fire accidents waiting to happen. In order to keep fire threats at a bare minimum, we’ve outlined advice, for your convenience.

Smoke alarms

Let’s kick it off with the most basic of preventive measures. One of the biggest problems of fires is that they are silent killers, the emphasis being on the word silent. With a proper smoke alarm, however, you make sure that any form of smoke doesn’t go unnoticed. Better be safe than sorry!

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Lighters and matches

Kids can be a menace and no one can blame them – they know so little. Unfortunately, their careless ways may lead to dangerous consequences, which transcend monetary and property loss. This is why it is crucial to keep all the lighters and matches safely tucked away, far from their reach, as well as to teach them how these tools are adult-only ones.

Fire extinguishers

Having one of these available at all times is more than advisable. Not only are fire extinguishers the quickest way to put an end to an unfortunate event of a fire, but are, in addition to being more efficient than water, safely applicable on all types of fires, from electrical to chemical. There are 4 classes of extinguishers to keep in mind – class A involve those created for tackling common fires caused by combustibles such as wood, paper, cloth, rubber, trash and plastics. Class B cover fires involving flammable liquids, such as solvents, oil, gasoline, paints, lacquers and such. Class C is designed for extinguishing electrical fires, caused by energized equipment such as wiring, motors, machinery and general appliances. Class D fires involve combustible metals and, therefore, class D extinguishers are made with these in mind. The best possible way to go is getting an extinguisher with an ABC rating.

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Make sure your equipment and appliances are in order

The most dangerous fires are those caused by faulty electronic equipment, owing to the fact that our primary instinct is to kill the fire with water – something extremely dangerous and advised against, when it comes to fire safety. Not only are you risking spreading the fire even more, but also potentially ending up electrocuted. In order to prevent this, have a professional check your equipment and appliances. Kitchen and bathroom are the rooms to keep an eye out on.

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When it comes to electrical fires, wiring is the most dangerous. If a piece of equipment or one of your appliances is malfunctioning, chances are that you’ll notice it. When it comes to wiring, everything may look in perfect order, while the danger lurks right around the corner. Have a professional check your house’s wiring, at least on an annual basis, just to make sure you remain safe.

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The whole point of gas is to burn out at one point or another. More importantly, everything gas-related is somewhat unstable, so if you can’t afford to rid yourself of these items, at the very least you should have them regularly checked.

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There is never enough paranoia, when it comes to fires. Do not refrain from being extra cautious when it comes to these and follow the outlined guidelines, for maximum safety.

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