Features That Make a Concrete Walkway on Your Property Stylish and Attractive

A concrete walkway can add a creative design anywhere on your property for a variety of purposes. You can build a concrete path to your garage, a patio addition, or a garden walkway for enjoying the outdoors. Concrete is a great building material because it can meet many different walkway needs in a variety of styles.

Browse Concrete Styles

With numerous designs and styles to choose from, you can find just the pattern you want for the walkway you have in mind. Colored concrete is available in many shades and hues that can coordinate with your home’s exterior color and style. You can also choose stamped concrete designs to create a unique theme or one that works with your home’s overall style. Plain or polished, concrete can be used in different shapes and patterns like pavers, blocks, or flagstones, among others.

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Decide on the Specifications

Concrete walkways differ in style, color, finish, and dimensions. Your contractor can explain the pros and cons of various features to help you select the best style for your planned walkway, whether you’re looking for a simple design or something more sophisticated. For simplicity, you might prefer a gravel walkway with concrete borders. A more complex style could include two or more types of concrete paving as well as concrete borders.

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Add Complementary Accents

Accents can dress up even the most boring concrete walkway. In planning your walkway, consider adding accent points like brick, wood, or metals. For example, a simple brick border is a nice finishing touch that can finish off the walkway. Alternatively, you might make a border with natural stones or gravel. You could even include those features in your concrete walkway for visitors to tonic as they walk.

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Plan With a Professional

Unless you have experience working with concrete, discuss your walkway plans with local concrete contractors. They can explain how the process of laying concrete works and evaluate your outdoor property for ideas on effective placement of walkway. You can ask about the recommended width and length of a walkway for the area you have in mind. The contractors can also tell you about the care and upkeep of concrete surfaces and how to repair or replace walkway portions that shift, crumble, or chip.

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Concrete is long-lasting and stable, so you can enjoy your walkway for years to come, especially when flanked by focal points of color or texture. Floral borders and hedges are more ways to dress up your concrete walkway.

Installing a concrete walkway will provide secure outdoor footing for elderly and infirm guests. Easy to clean, well-maintained concrete adds prestige to a property when placed strategically to facilitate mobility and enhance the outdoor areas. Consider using concrete for your functional outdoor paths.

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