Features Everyone Should Know About Floating Floors

Floating floors are engineered floors made from various wooden material formed into either tiles. The planks, boards or tiles are connected to each other during installation.  Floating floors speak more of the installation methods. There are two methods to install these floors.  One is click lock method and the other one is gluing method.  A sprung floor is a type of floating floor which reduces vibration and noise, and is generally used for sports and dancing. In this, the individual boards and planks, or even tiles are attached to each other by snapping together or gluing. This is one step ahead in the do-it-yourself flooring used by many today.  Gaining popularity with time, these floating floors have managed to ease the complexity of installation of floors.

Flooring made Convenient


There are factors which manage to keep the floors in place, and some of them are listed below.

1. Friction: It provides the friction which helps to control the lateral movement as it has cork or foam under the layment.

2. Joinery: Snapping or gluing together the laminate boards are easier.

3. Weight: These boards might be light individually, but, together can weigh several hundred pounds.

4. Confine: Being contained on four sides by walls, these laminate flooring are able to confine the floor.

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Installing a floating floor will give you the satisfaction of doing it yourself and it is not difficult at all, once you have got the hang of it. Evaluating the space where you need to install the floating floor, you need to buy that little extra to cover up for small blunders or patch-ups, all the more if this is the first time. Make sure you cover your concrete sub floor first with engineered wood sub floor. Cleaning it up of all debris and other stuff will assure of a smooth job. Once you have made sure you have got the right amount of the foam flooring, you can tack it onto the subfloor and seal with a duct tape.


There are many websites, who give you step by step details on how to get the floating flooring done on your own. Making sure you follow the details to the tee, you will be sure to have a flooring of your choice, which adds to the beauty of your house.


Cost effective: It is cost effective you can get a floor of your choice at a reasonable price, which, by itself is very beneficial. The installation of this type of flooring is extremely easy and more often than not you will be able to do it on your own. With glue less floating floors available in the market these days, you are further saved of headaches associated with it and floating floors have seemed to become more preferable as compared to others. There is no wiping off or scraping off the extra glue and the whole process becomes clean and convenient. You can also think of the quick installation and not waiting to start walking on it, as these floating floors do not need any specified time for installation. The best advantage of these floors is that you are able to disassemble them and put them in any other room without any hassles.

The Perfect Choice

Choosing a perfect floating floor, you need to do a research and look out for companies which, besides giving you a wide choice in this, also can quote reasonable prices. Make sure the quality is dependable since you will put your hard earned money into this. It is possible to know more about these floors and learning the different qualities so that you are able to make the perfect choice. Make sure you know the grades as different grades speak of different quality and you would like it if this floating floor you go in for, is able to last long.

So, make sure that you will get the best available information on the floating floor. Catch floating floor installation tips on our website and feel free to come across.

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