Faucets: What you Need to Know Before Heading Off to Your Local Home Depot

You have probably noticed by now that there are different types of kitchen faucets and sink designs to choose from today, but not all are compatible. Whether you need to buy a new faucet for your kitchen sink or you simply need to upgrade your current one, you need to consider some critical factors before you head off to your local Home Depot. Below we provide some important tips to help you make the right choice and get the best faucets for your kitchen.

1. Begin By Examining the Sink

As mentioned above, not all faucet types are the same, whether you consider the construction quality or design. Lonnie, a specialist from Mr Kitchen Faucets says you can begin by looking at the sink to find out the number of mounting holes available. Note that this applies in a situation where you need to install a new kitchen faucet in your current sink or when you need to connect a new faucet to a new sink. Check under your sink to find out the number of holes covered by the mounting plate. With every new faucet, there is an indication on the package that lets you know the number of mounting holes needed for installation. Therefore, it is worth noting that faucets come in 1-4 hole versions. Even so, some faucet designs give multiple options to accommodate the different types of sink configurations. In the event that you buy one that only uses two holes when your sink has three, then you’d have to work out exactly what you would have to do with the third opening.

2. The Water Lines

When upgrading from your older faucet to a new one, you must ensure compatibility, especially when it comes to the water lines. Before you shop for a new faucet, examine beneath the sink and note the size of the existing line as well as the shutoff valves. The newer faucets come with 3/8″ flex water lines attached. However, if you do realize that the existing shutoff valves measure 1/2”, then you might have to replace it with 3/8” shutoff valves prior to installing newer faucets. Specialists recommend the replacement of shut off valves during the installation of newer faucets, as older valves are more susceptible to failure when shutting off water.

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3. The Finish

While this is only for aesthetic appeal, you should never ignore this aspect when you plan to replace plumbing fixtures. Consider the type of finish you currently have or what you wish to have for kitchen hardware. Your faucets should ideally match or complement the finish on sink accessories (soap dispenser, sink hole cover, and air gap) whenever possible. Having a gleaming chrome finish, for instance, looks unsuitable if the fixtures are dull brushed nickel.

The tips presented above help you narrow down your choices before you make your purchase. Before you proceed to shop for new kitchen faucets, it is important that you examine your sink, check the water supply lines, and consider the ideal finish you would like to have. By having these tips in mind, you will certainly find it a lot easier to shop for the ideal kitchen faucets despite the seemingly endless choices available today. Make the right choice and get quality faucets that give you value for money.

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