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Fantastic American Destinations

Planning a trip to America this year? There are loads of fantastic places to visit making it really hard choosing just one. In North America you have Las Vegas, Orlando, California, Miami to name just a few of the great places to go on holiday. In South America you can visit Brazil, Argentina, Chile. Then you have Central America with Costa Rica and Panama. How do you possibly choose?

Lets look at the best bits of each section:


The ultimate tourist destination if you love theme parks and sunshine. Amazing beaches, great entertainment and good weather most of the year ensures that this is still one of the best places in America to visit. With the theme parks in Orlando such as Universal Studios, Disneyland, Magic Kingdom, several water parks, SeaWorld… the list is endless and you will struggle to fit everything into a 2 week holiday. There is great entertainment for all the family and truly magical memories for children. Miami is another great destination to experience a completely different way of life. Miami beaches are perfect and if you want an entertaining evening to never forget, head to Miami at night time!


Very famous for the nation’s football prowess, but there is a lot more to this country than that. For example, Brazil contains almost 60% of the Amazon rain forest. The undisputed capital of carnivals, Brazilians know how to throw a party! Top tourist attractions include visiting the amazing rain forests, the Sugar Loaf at Rio de Janeiro and of course the famous Copacabana – they didn’t make a song out of it for no reason, this place is a one in a lifetime kind of place with fine restaurants and a stunning beach.

Costa Rica

The jewel that joins North and South America. Costa Rica is often overlooked as a holiday destination but could be described as more of a secret gem. Surrounded by seas on both sides and home to over 300 beaches, Costa Rica is a destination that you shouldn’t overlook when selecting the perfect holiday for all of the family. A magnet for surfers, divers, adventurers and explorers; its impossible to not love this place. Costa Rica offers such a range of experiences that you could be next to an erupting volcano one minute and diving in beautiful waters the next. Do you want to drink the best coffee in the word? Costa Rica coffee is probably the best on this planet! If you want to find out more information about accommodation in Costa Rica, you can book your holiday of a lifetime from companies like Punto De Vista.

America has so much to offer and when you’re selecting your destination you will have to take the full range of attractions and decide which one is the best for your perfect holiday.

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