Explore why Wood Panels have become the Best Choice?

Every person dreams of a house which will have all the necessary amenities inside it coupled with a praiseworthy décor and stylized paneling. Houses are paneled using different styles based on their respective décor. There are different choices of paneling being made using rustic boards, designs made with frame and panels, panels with or without molding or distinctive raised styled panels. Paneling can be a full wall one or can also be raised to the height of the shoulder or waist. In no time, these can accentuate the aesthetic look and feel of the home.

Here we explore all about wood panels.

About Wood Panels

Wood Panels are being used to form the inner skin of the house architecture from very ancient times. It was used in almost all the different rooms and even the basement of the house to give the entire architecture an aligned appearance. Mahogany, walnut, oak and sometime even wood carved out of pine was also used in order to dress up room walls. They added proper insulation, sound proofing and enhanced the good looks at any house where it was applied. In modern times, wood is really expensive and hence cheaper alternatives are preferred.

How to Panel the Walls?

Below mentioned is the basic guide to how the task of wall paneling can be achieved.

  • Pre-paneling: Before a person begins the task of adding   they should first make the wall suitable for the skin covering. When panel boards are applied over the wooden frame adorned walls, the material needs to be linked with either a plaster or a wallboard with the wall studs. If the wall is very new and d not possess the plaster or the wallboard then sheets can be attached to it directly or by creating a 2 by 4 blocks which can be nailed in between the studs. The strips must be fastened to the masonry wall with concrete nails.
  • Installation of the panels: Wood Panels are installed through the process of marking, measuring and cutting. Every measurement which the installer makes should be noted down dully on a paper. The process of installation should begin from the corner of the room initially.
    The process of paneling generally requires two individuals to work simultaneously.

In the first step, one should position the panel at the corner of the room with the help of a helper. The point that is to be noted here is that the board should not have adhesive applied on it. This step is done in order to take the measurements.

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Now as the helper is holding the panel one must mark the edge of the panel so that it can be fitted properly against the corner of the room. After the edges have been marked on the board with the help of a simple saw one must cut the line of contour.

After the cutting has been done one now is ready to stick it to the wall. Apply adhesive at the back of the board and then with the help of a rubber mallet stick it to the walls. If a person finds the adhesive less strong then they can also nail down the wooden blocks to the wall.

Benefits of Wood Panels

  • Durable: Wood panels last for a large amount of time if you can take regular care of it. The market is filled with products such as varnishes, stains and paints which you can use to clean, and maintain the panel.
  • Easy installation: The process of installation is easy and you can do it all by yourself. There are different varieties of wood panels and each of them can be installed quickly.
  • Insulation: The ultimate aim of wood panels is to provide natural insulation and hence keep the interior warm even during the winters.

Everyone wants to have a perfect home. The interior of the house should have the perfect temperature to make a person comfortable. Wood panels have evolved largely over time. Hence you can explore different looks staring from contemporary, vintage or modern with the wood panels. Just make sure to care for them whole heartedly to make them last you a lifetime.

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