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Experiential Vacations you Should Add to Your Travel Bucket List

Many travelers these days are interested in exploring destinations that are unique and which offer them profound experiences that aid their personal growth and help them to learn more about nature, places and other people. Experiential vacations are all the rage, but we don’t think it’s just another travel fad, we believe it’s because people, millennials especially, are eager to make purposeful memories, while learning more about themselves and the world around them.

The greatest gift you can give yourself is to take trips that have purpose and which make a difference in your life and perhaps the lives of others too.

Take a look at our list of the top experiential vacations which need to be added to your travel bucket list!

Embark on an African Safari

If an African safari is not on your travel bucket list, it needs to be added ASAP! A safari is the ultimate experiential vacation which will afford you the opportunity to see, experience and learn more about nature, wildlife and the beautiful continent of Africa. This is a vacation you’ll be speaking about for years and years to come, as you share stories of the wild and the ultra-unique landscapes that made you feel at peace. It truly is an experience that cannot be compared to anything you’ve ever done before. We’d recommend you choose to safari in a place that meets your specific needs – some prefer a rustic adventure, making The Kruger Park in South Africa an ideal option, while others prefer luxury and exclusivity, making more intimate places like Thanda Safari a perfect choice. Then there are the more ‘touristy’ safari destinations such as Masai Mara in Kenya, The Serengeti in Tanzania or Botswana.

Go Skiing in Europe

Skiing is by far one of the most popular experiential vacations on earth. Ski resorts are usually found in very picturesque parts of the world such as Switzerland, Italy, Austria and France, to name a few, making it a favorite for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike. What’s great about skiing is that you get to learn a new ‘skill’ (because let’s be honest, skiing down a mountain takes some talent) and it’s a pretty awesome way to enjoy the chilly European winters. We’d recommend going with a group of family or friends so that you can also enjoy the rowdy nights out at the ski bars!

Enjoy a scuba diving trip in Raja Ampat Indonesia

Raja Ampat in Indonesia is known to be one of the most loved diving destinations in the world. Raja Ampat is on the bucket list of most divers, and if you are a diver or only just learning and you don’t have it on your bucket list, there is no time like the present to make it top priority. Raja Ampat has stunning warm waters filled with beautiful sea life such as sharks, manta rays, schools of color fish, macro as well as seahorses, morays, trevallies, giant clams, groupers, fusiliers and much more. There are many choices of places to dive in Raja Ampat such as: Mioskun, Melissa’s garden in the Jet Fam Islands, Blue magic, Cape kri, Sardine reef and the Keruo channel. Whether you are just starting to dive or an experienced diver you will find a place that will suit your skills.

Go on a hiking safari through the salt pans of Bolivia

South America is the place of adventure – but not without extreme, breathtaking landscapes that look other-worldy. While there are many different places across the continent perfect for experiential travelers, Bolivia sits right up there with the best of them. Bolivia is known for its extreme topography with towering volcanoes, salt flats, desert terrain and vast open lakes, and by far the best way to see it all is by taking a walking safari through the salt pans. These are guided trips which usually take about a week to complete; however, you need not be a professional hiker to embark on such a trip, all you need is your curiosity and an appreciation for raw beauty.

Go on a sailing trip around the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean Sea is best for sailing as it’s much calmer than the open oceans, plus you’ll get to see many beautiful cities along the coastlines such as Greece, Spain, France and Croatia depending on where you decide to sail to and from. A sailing trip is the ultimate way to enjoy the European summer, swimming in the warm and ultra-blue Mediterranean, while also city, or island hopping.

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