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European Cities with the Most Unique and Beautiful Architecture

When we talk about building design, building styles and the go-to location that photographers dream about, Europe comes to mind. This is due to its rich architectural and cultural history plus some of the best hotels. From a time when empires ruled the world, wars that decimated cites, civil wars, some of the buildings have stood through all this and stand how to further delight us with their history and beauty.

Europe offers some of the greatest diverse architecture that the world has. It is such a wonder that these buildings still stand and are rich with heritage. Been a land flowing with diverse opportunities from France, with its history of tragedy, home of the number one city of love, to the cold lands of the of Russia, there is always a new reason to fall in love with European cities. So, no matter what your plans are either to soak in the culture of any of these cities, walk around and do some window shopping, these cities will draw you in with their beauty and keep you enthralled for as long as your stay will allow.

Lets see some of these cities that their beauty has stood the test of time.

Florence, Italy

With sites and buildings like the Florence Cathedral, Basilica of San Lorenzo, the city of Florence is awash with stunning masterpieces of Roman and Greek styles. This capital of Tuscany takes you through culturally rich and historical architecture that represents what the past of Florence is about and how it has stood the test of time.

Paris, France

The beauty of Paris can never be doubted. It is so easy to get lost in its myriad architecture and enchanting styles. Paris is the birthplace of Gothic architecture and is a city that holds you in its thralls when you visit. The city is laden with various styles from Art Nouveau, Belle Epoque to Gothic in addition to the famous Notre Dame Cathedral and the Paris Opera House.

Strasbourg, France

To enjoy the beautiful gothic architecture of the Strasbourg Cathedral and its large astronomical clock, to the Strasbourg Museum of Modern Art and the European Union Building, Strasbourg is without a doubt a multi-faceted European city that has gothic style bridges that exist along with modern day and post modern styles. One way of exploring Strasbourg is through riding a bike that gives you the opportunity to enjoy the fantastic marketplace and also the Alsace architecture.

Prague, Czech Republic

This city is one of the most beautiful in Europe with its beautiful structures that makes your heart sing. Prague is also one of the top vacation destinations in the world when visiting Europe. From timeless structures like the Prague Castle that houses the Czech crown jewels, Baroque Saint Nicholas Church, Charles Bridge- a pedestrian bridge lined with the statues of Catholic Saints, the Astronomical Clock (Orloj), 14th century Gothic Church of Our Lady before Tyn, Stone Bell House, Wenceslas Square, National Museum at the head of Wenceslas Square which also happens to be the largest Museum in Czech Republic, Zizkov Television Tower, Prague Metronome at the Lenia Park, Prague is home to a lot of great sights to visit which would definitely catch your interest. No matter the area of the city in which you are in, there are definitely some interesting structures to visit. These architectural masterpieces are a must-see when in Prague.

Athens, Greece

When it comes to ancient Greek architecture anywhere in the world, this is the home. Known as the birthplace of democracy, there are stunning architecture to explore in Athens. After the 2004 Olympics, Athens has become one of the most travel friendly cities to visit. The city is rife with so much ancient Greek architecture that has spanned centuries. From the Parthenon on Acropolis Hill built in 448 BC, the ancient Greek theater to the Temple of Olympian Zeus, Athens brings the tales of Gods and heroes to life and gives visitors a chance to explore and be a part of its history.

Budapest, Hungary

Looking for gorgeous and unique architecture, look no further than Budapest. All through the city you can see the Art Nouveau styles of architecture in addition to a blend of local Hungarian style that comes into a mix of beauty that is timeless. The thermal baths in Budapest are a must visit, Baroque and Turkish architecture are right there in view for your pleasure while you take in heated baths. Budapest Parliament buildings are also a work of art that you must explore plus take a nice walk through the Chain Bridge built in the 1800’s which connects two great parts of the city in addition to linking you up with the Buda Castle.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Known for its canal houses and boat homes, picturesque homes, Amsterdam is a hove for museums, hotels, offices and canal district that exist in architectural wonder that are a pleasure to explore. Easily navigated by bikes through the city, you can enjoy the Renaissance architecture that spreads through the city.

Stockholm, Sweden

This city is packed with traditionally painted homes, the world’s first twisting skyscraper and is surrounded by water. From the Gripsholm castle, Drottningholm palace, Stockholm is filled with wonderful structures that hold your attention plus it is undoubtedly the most architecturally diverse city in, if you want to explore both the past and the present when it comes to architecture, Stockholm is definitely the city for you.

Barcelona, Spain

Unbeatable architecture, unrivaled nightlife, Catalan Modernism, Art Nouveau, Park Guell, Casa Batllo, Barcelona offers a varied opportunity to experience a beautiful city. The birthplace of Antoni Gaudi is a major pull for tourists to explore and enjoy its stunning buildings.

Rome, Italy

Roman ruins, fountains, squares, churches, Rome is home to architectural beauty. From the Pantheon, Colosseum, Saint Peter’s Basilica to Trevi fountain where you can make a wish, Rome surrounds you with world class architecture everywhere you turn.

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