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Essential DIY Updates for Your New Home

Congratulations! You’ve finally bought your new home. You’ve packed up all your belongings, found a reliable moving company, and are ready to start setting up your new home. But, before you can start unpacking, there are a few updates you can make to protect your investment, save money, and make your home more comfortable to live in. Here are some essential DIY updates for your new home.

Energy Saving Updates

Roof Insulation

Before you can get comfortable and unpack your things, check the insulation on the roof. Heat loss can significantly increase the price of your energy bills over the lifetime of your home. Ensuring there is adequate insulation in the roof can reduce your power bills substantially, and you can install the insulation yourself for a fraction of the cost.

Make sure you choose the right insulation for your roof space. This will depend on whether the space is warm or cold. Some options available are:

Protect Your Pipes

Making sure the plumbing in the house functions perfectly is something that should be done before homeowners even consider buying a house. But, once you have moved in, it’s time to protect your pipes from damage, especially in frost-prone areas or in older houses with ceramic pipes.

Covering exposed pipes with insulation will not only conserve heat energy but, also, protect pipes from damage due to extreme weather conditions. It is a simple DIY process that will have big benefits long term.

Hot Water Heater

Most hot water heaters have the thermostat set far higher than most people can stand; this can not only be wasteful but dangerous, especially if there are small children in the house. Though the water heater, technically, doesn’t need any updating, simply lowering the thermostat to 120F will prevent any accidental burns. You could also throw a blanket over the heater to conserve energy.

Install Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans not only add some style to your interior décor but are also an energy efficient way to cool the house during the summer and keep the air circulating during the winter to prevent damp seeping into the walls.

You don’t have to be an experienced electrician to install a ceiling fan. You simply need to knock out an existing lighting fixture and attach a ceiling fan brace; then you can keep your house comfortable all-year-round.

Décor Updates

Updates to your home aren’t only to save money on the power bill. You can also increase the resale value or simply make your home more pleasant to live in by making a few modifications.

Mini Kitchen Remodel

A DIY mini kitchen remodel is an easy and effective way to update your kitchen without blowing the budget. A major kitchen overhaul can cost anywhere from $15,000-$25,000, depending on the scale of your kitchen. But, if you are operating on a budget, you can make a few savvy changes to your kitchen décor to update your look.

Paint the Cabinets

One of the most noticeable features of any kitchen is the cabinetry. So, for a big impact with very little effort, try painting the cabinets. Try one of the latest kitchen color trends or strip the cabinetry right back for a classic natural wood finish.

Change the Handles

While you are refreshing the paint on your cabinetry, you could try another cheap and easy way to update your kitchen—swap out your existing handles for something a little more modern. Metal finishings such as copper, brass, or wrought iron can add a trendy element to your kitchen.

Mini Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms take a fair amount of wear and tear over the years, so, if you are moving into a previously owned house, chances are the bathroom will need a little work. However, bathroom renovations can run into tens of thousands of dollars. Just as a mini kitchen remodel can rejuvenate your new home, so, too, can you update your bathroom with just a few simple, DIY updates.

Modern Fixtures

Over the years, poorly maintained bathroom fixtures can build up limescale and rust, leaving your bathroom looking shabby. Take this opportunity to replace some of these old fixtures, such as faucets and shower heads, with shiny, modern fixtures.

Fresh Tiles

Removing and retiling the bathroom is a time-consuming messy job. Fortunately, there are a few DIY options that make retiling your bathroom unnecessary.

If the tiles are undamaged but simply lacking some style, you can easily update them yourself with some tile paint. Just be sure to prime the old tiles before painting and opt for a paint that contains mold repellent.

If the tiles are cracked or damaged, you can remove the tiles, then cut your re-tiling time and effort in half by using Smart or Mosaic tiles. These can be laid with little effort but pack a big style punch.

Updates to the Exterior

The exterior of your home is just as important as the interior. Your front yard sends the first impression to the neighbors, and the back yard can become your sanctuary away from the stress of everyday life. But, too often, busy homeowners neglect the exterior of their homes, leaving them to look dilapidated and overgrown. Luckily, updating your outdoor areas is as easy as it is fun.

Add Some Green

A beautifully landscaped garden doesn’t need to be high maintenance. Add some lush greenery to your yard with a few hardy succulents or woody herbs such as lavender, rosemary, or sage. If a tropical paradise is more your style, palms and ferns are easy to take care of and can create a cool, shady area for you to relax in.

Create a Sanctuary

There is nothing better than coming home and relaxing outdoors on a warm night. For the savvy DIYer, creating an outdoor space doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. Refurbished wooden furniture can add rustic charm to your patio, or install a small water feature for a little Zen atmosphere in your garden.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is an essential update that will not only add to the safety of your outdoors by preventing trips and falls, but well-placed lighting and interesting fixtures can add some much-needed atmosphere to your home. Solar lighting is easy to install for the DIYer and is a great green alternative.

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