Escaping the Distractions with Ease

I always used to think of serviced offices singapore as pointless outgoing each month, which could easily be avoided by working from home or in various coffee shops. But the only aspect that managed to change my mind was the distractions. If you’ve worked from home before, you’ll know that you tend to lose focus more often than you would think. Working from home sounds like all fun and games until the distractions hit you. Lets just take a little look at what kind of distractions i have been coming across regularly


Yes, I am aware that this can be fairly easily controlled by just turning off my phone, Putting it on silent or airplane mode or even putting it in a different room to the one I plan to be working in. But if you have kids, you can’t just make yourself unavailable when it suits you. That just isn’t a possibility.


Again, something that simply cannot be avoided completely. But working from home for sure will amplify the distraction you get.


You cannot just leave your dog to make himself some nice lunch, or leave him some pizza money. It’s just not possible is it, pets need to be taken care of and attention.


This is a tough one, seeing the control laying there on the coffee table. It’s so easy to just pick it up and start watching your favourite channel, then end up in a deep hole of unproductivity and laziness.


Working from a busy coffee shop in the centre of the city can be especially loud. People coming and going, loud coffee machines and chairs scraping across the floor as louder than one could imagine. For some people this is manageable, but for me, I couldn’t deal with this so going for a serviced office was a good choice for me.

Old friends

I’m a very social guy. I’m not saying that I have a lot of friends, I’d prefer to call them aquantacis or connections. This is a result of constantly networking. Yes, of course this is a great thing, but, and its a big but, working in the coffee shop can force you to have a lot of conversations with people you meet there. You intend to come there to work, but end up distracted for an hour or so.

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I’m sure there are even more distractions and disadvantages of working from coffee shops or from home. These are just the highlights I guess, I’m gonna make another list here of the reasons why I had to go for a serviced office in Singapore. I didn’t have too much trouble finding a good website, as I was lucky found osDORO. They have a great and easy to use website software. which helped me make my choice fairly fast, I didn’t think it could have been this easy.

Fast Wi-Fi Connection

You can technically have a good wifi connection anywhere, at home or in the coffee shop too. But if you have a teenager who tends to play heavy online games, the connection will most likely go down. This can be extremely frustrating, believe me. In the corporate serviced offices they always have wifi that is built for supplying fast and reliable wifi connection for all their workers. Whether your line of work is a business owner who owns an ecommerce store or a vlogger who needs high upload speed. In a nutshell, this is highly essential.


Everyone knows that printers in households are becoming more and more rare by the years. You are unlikely to find one in someone’s house, let alone a coffee shop. And even if they did have one in the back, it’s unlikely you’d be allowed to use it. I guess you could argue that it’s the 21st century and we don’t need them, but I would definitely disagree with this statement. I strongly believe that they will always have a place in any office. Also serviced offices will regularly include printer costs into the monthly rent.


Did you know that 67 percent of office workers drink coffee throughout their workday. Personally, I don’t but my colleagues drink, the stuff like it’s holy healing water there. The office comes with well equipped kitchens with a pantry full of ingredients. Not bad at all, as you can see.

Landline phone

Just like printers, seeing a landline phone is becoming quite a rare sighting nowadays. But lots of businesses and maybe even yours still use them as a form of contact with the customers. If you really think about it, it is useful as some businesses have a large base of older clients, who may not be aware that you can use live chats with agents and get the problem solved that way. I don’t think that they are a timeless machine, but they cannot go just now.

Meeting rooms

If you want to have a staff meeting, a coffee shop can work well. But if you have a team of 14, you’ll need to book something in advance. And this can become extremely expensive over time. Especially if you’re having regular meetings with your staff and potential clients.

That’s just a few of the benefits, as many of the spaces have lots of great facilities. The more money you put into it, the better and more well equipped it’ll be. I know of some spaces which have yoga studios, gyms and stuff you never thought was possible to see in an office.

I got in touch with their whatsapp agent, told her my requirements and she sorted it all out for me. No back and forth long emails, just easy and quick. The whatsapp agent was very helpful and had lots of knowledge of all the areas required. She was also willing to show me around, of course. So I have to say I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend osDORO to anyone who is tired of working, but not getting much done because of the coffee shop and at home distractions.

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