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Equipment and Tools Every Home Should Have for an Emergency Situation

Have you ever been stuck in an emergency without any tools or equipment at home? To avoid that, you need to have a basic emergency preparedness kit handy at all times. This is to make sure that you have the essential equipment or tools to act wisely and swiftly in a crisis. Emergencies happen at unexpected times, and disasters can catch you by surprise. It’s necessary to understand that if a crisis occurs, essential services like electricity, telephone lines, water and the like may not be available.

So, to act wisely in such situations, you should always keep your equipment and tools handy. Here’s what you’ll need.

Waterproof Backpack

A waterproof bag is the best place to keep your emergency kit organized. This way, you can save your time in searching and assembling the tools in case of a crisis. It’s also great to store your food and water, since these are perhaps the most crucial resources that you need in an emergency.

Flash Light

If you encounter an emergency during a blackout, you will need a flashlight to examine and check your area. You can indeed use a mobile torch, but it’s best to get a separate heavy-duty flashlight and have some extra batteries around.


Generators, while a costly choice in some cases, can power a few appliances or lights when needed. In a blackout, your most affordable option would be to opt for high quality portable diesel generators that run on fuel and can afford you running power for hours on end. Portable generators are also much quieter than other models.

First-aid Kit

When you organize your tools and essentials, don’t forget the most important one: a first-aid kit. It will be beneficial in case of accidents.

Mobile Phone

Mobile Phones are a useful emergency tool that you must carry with you, and we’re not talking smartphones that will die on you a few hours after a blackout. Those retro prepaid phones will come in handy. You can call 911 if you are stuck in remote areas, or use them at home when all your other devices need their battery life preserved.

A Lighter

If you find yourself stranded outdoors, a lighter will become a necessity, especially if you’re stranded in a typically cold area.

Pen and Notepad

You might find the need to take notes or draw a map if you find yourself stuck in the wilderness. A small notebook also makes it easier to jot down addresses or any details that might be harder to dig for on your phone.

Safety Work Gloves

If natural disasters cross your path, you’ll need a pair of protective gloves while you move heavy branches and fallen trees.

Emergencies happen with little to no warning, and you don’t want to be caught unprepared. So always have your supplies and emergency kits ready, and make sure to plan for the worst. In case of a crisis, try not to panic and do your best to think everything ahead.

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