Enjoying Red and White Wine in the Yarra Valley

Do you want to enjoy some wine in the Yarra Valley? Find out the two best Wine spots in this guide.

Few people can brag about having an extensive wine knowledge, so the staff at the wineries are happy to help guests through steps such as the winemaking process, teaching them on what ingredients are made for each blend, and how something as small as a piece of chocolate with a bit of Shiraz can change the taste.

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To avoid looking like a rookie, follow these steps for each pour:

  • Start by looking at the glass first. Inspect the wine for its clarity, color, and if it has any sediment.
  • Next, swirl the wine that’s in your glass, this allows oxygen in the wine and the aromas. Note: tread carefully when you’re swirling a red wine while wearing white clothes!
  • Smell the wine to see what flavors are added to the wine. Strawberries? Pears?
  • Sip the wine and place it towards your mouth, so try out and detect the different tastes.
  • The best part – start drinking! If you aren’t fond of a certain variety, there’s a pitcher where you can start dumping the remnants without having to offend anyone, for the next wine pour. Make sure you rinse your glass if you’re trying to change it from black to white.

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Where Can I Take Yarra Valley Private Winery Tours?

The best spots for wine tasting is Yering Station and Yering Farm. And here, we’ll show you why! Try out these two places if you want a great wine tasting experience!

Yering Station

One of the best wineries in the region, Yering Station is known for its generous event space that overlook the acres in the green vineyards below and its hilltop perch. There is a picture perfect courtyard leads to the Door Tasting Room, where brick walls surround the arranged bottle displays.

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Most of the fun happens in the tasting bar, which is an interesting, yet open space that’s framed by wine barrels. Those who want a snack will have to head to the Cellar Door, where your produce store has a multitude of food provisions made in the surrounding area such as fresh-made jam, relish, and biscuits just to name a few.

Also, you can go to the wine bar restaurant and watch the amazing views of other Yarra Range while enjoying this gourmet fare.

Yering Farm

Yering Farm offers Yarra Valley private winery tours for the wine aficionados out there. Yering Farm is a charming winery that’s set against a backdrop of the valley. Unlike most operations, each grape at the Yering Farm is hand-picked. As a result, you’ll receive natural fresh tasting wine each glass.

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Inside, the staff pours a multitude of wine varieties, starting with their sweet ciders. As a family-run business, Yering Farm tends to pay attention to the minor details.


To conclude, Yarra Valley private winery tours are great for experiencing high-quality wine in a comfortable setting. Also, it teaches you the benefits of tasting great wine from inside a wine cellar.

Try out a few winery tours tell us more about your experience in the comments!

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