Eco-Conscious Home Décor Choices to Reduce Your Environmental Impact

At this point, it’s impossible to deny that the planet is in trouble. With global warming creating massive changes in climate and impacting life all around the world, the effects of excess pollution are being felt harder than ever. Although the corporations responsible for the bulk of this pollution are in the best position to bring about lasting change, all of us must do our part to reduce our impact on the environment. The famous adage “Change starts at home” is particularly true in the case of reducing one’s carbon footprint. As you’ll find, even your home décor choices stand to make a considerable difference.

Organic Bedroom Furnishings

Given how vital proper sleep is to overall functionality, your bedroom is among the most important areas in your home. Needless to say, if your bedroom furnishings aren’t conducive to a peaceful night’s slumber, the quality of your sleep is liable to suffer. Fortunately, providing yourself with overnight and reducing your carbon footprint can go hand-in-hand. This where organic bedroom supplies can come in handy. As the name implies, organic bedroom furnishings are made from organic and/or recycled materials and can be every bit as accommodating in the comfort department as their non-organic counterparts.

When shopping around for eco-conscious bedroom supplies, pay special attention to mattress options. Since the quality of your mattress largely determines that quality of your slumber, it pays to be as thorough as possible in your search for the right one. Additionally, a comfortable organic mattress topper can make the perfect complement to your new Earth-friendly mattress. Once you’ve decided on the right mattress, take care to adorn it with a cozy assortment of organic sheets, blankets and pillows.

Furniture Made from Recycled Materials

Even outside of the bedroom, it pays to go organic in your furniture choices. In recent years, many eco-conscious households have begun to embrace reclaimed furniture. If you’re unfamiliar, this refers to furniture composed of woods and metals that have been reclaimed and upcycled from old buildings and machinery. Although reclaimed furniture can be a bit pricier than regular furniture, it’s better for the environment, built to last and extremely pleasing to the eye. Regardless of what type of furniture you’re hoping to find, odds are it’s available in a reclaimed variety.

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Even before eco-consciousness was in fashion, houseplants were popular fixtures in many households. Not only can plants imbue any area of your home with a sense of life, raising them and tending to their upkeep can prove extremely gratifying. When searching for the right plants for your home, opt for natural pollution-fighters, like English Ivy, African Violets and Yellow Goddess. In addition to breathing new life into various parts of your residence, these plants can help cleanse assorted pollutants, thereby purifying the air. For maximum eco-friendliness, keep an eye out for houseplants that require minimal upkeep and resources. Lastly, if you have pets, confirm that any plants you wish to bring into the house are animal-friendly.

Energy-Efficient Windows

Using your home’s central heating and cooling to excess can result in costly energy bills and a larger carbon footprint. Although central heating and cooling are essential in most parts of the country, you can take some of the strain off your home’s climate control system by installing energy-efficient windows. Unlike traditional single-paned windows, these contain multiple panes, thereby minimizing the amount of inside air that’s able to escape and the amount of outside air that’s able to find its way inside. Since energy-efficient windows tend to be more expensive than standard ones, you will likely suffer a small financial setback. However, given how much energy-efficient windows stand to reduce your energy costs, this short-term expense should quickly prove worthwhile.

As painful as it is to accept, the environment is in an unprecedented state of peril. These days, you’d be hard-pressed to find a locale that hasn’t been impacted by global warming in some form or another. Furthermore, as time wears on, the effects of climate change just become increasingly apparent. While it is incumbent upon the world’s foremost polluters to get their act together, normal people can no longer afford to simply sit on the sidelines as the planet burns. When looking for simple and cost-effective ways to do right by the environment, make sure to carefully consider your home décor choices.

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