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Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Accessory Game

If you find yourself getting tired of your day to day outfits, there’s good news – you won’t need to rebuild your wardrobe from scratch! Chances are you already have a solid wardrobe with the essentials. These include a favorite pair of jeans, the white t-shirt that fits just right, and the little black dress that can be dressed up or down.

Each of these closet staples acts as a blank canvas for your aesthetic. The only thing left? The right accessories. With some key accessories, any outfit can be transformed.

Here are ways that your jewelry, shoes, bags, and other accessories can refresh your favorite clothing items:

Consider Your Phone Case

Your phone case may be one of the accessories that you think about the least. However, it can actually play a significant role in your aesthetic. If you enjoy wearing more frilly and cute outfits, a sparkly girly iPhone case could play right into that look. Phone cases offer a great way to visually express yourself.

Treat Yourself to an At-Home Manicure

If you enjoy wearing statement rings, make sure your fingernails can hold their own. No statement ring will look worth its weight in gold if your nails are chipped and dirty.

You can save some money by moving your salon appointment to your home and giving yourself an inexpensive manicure and pedicure. If you don’t have the time to color, even the simple base and top-coat combination can help your nails shine.

Bring Back-Up Shoes

Shoes can be the key element in revamping your entire look—without changing outfits! Going for a posh but work-appropriate look with that little black dress? Try some respectable red flats. If you switch those flats out for some pumps and a stylish bag, that same dress is great for a night out with friends.

Embrace Print

Any of the accessorizing methods mentioned on this list could be made even more exciting if they had a print. The classic closet staples of plain jeans and solid-colored garments are great, but they always leave room for additions. Try adding a floral print scarf with a solid colored dress or shirt to add some visual variety.

Branch Out with Your Colors

Color coordinating is great, but you don’t want to be too matchy-matchy. Who says your shoes must always match your purse?

A statement bag can accentuate any outfit, and it certainly doesn’t need to coordinate perfectly with the other colors of your aesthetic that day. Try pairing a statement bag with a different colored shoe. Your outfit will instantly become fresher and more modern.

You might also try a cross-body plum-colored purse with animal print or nude heels. Another option is to go bright with your bag or clutch and solid black heels to surely turn heads.

Don’t Leave Your Wrists Naked

Style experts always emphasize the importance of bracelets. An easy way to make a stylish statement is by wearing a combination of multiple bracelets. You can easily purchase a pack sold together, saving the time of having to match complementary bracelets.

Vary Your Necklace Lengths and Looks

Adding a necklace to your outfit is an easy way to boost your body confidence. When in doubt, try a longer chained necklace. A long necklace has the ability to make you look leaner and taller.

Also, remember that some accessories are great for going out but are not terribly work-friendly. If your day is full of meetings, a chic crystal necklace could add a touch of sophistication to your look.

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